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Jenny McConnell

Sunday 11am-4pm

Meet Jenny

Local Places I Love...

  • I love Guildford High Street when the Christmas lights go up.
  • I also like to head to Newlands Corner for a walk across the downs (I'm not sure if it's the downs I like or just the excuse to wear my new wellies, but either way it puts in an afternoon)

Songs I Love...

  • Michael Jackson, 'Thriller' - it's very funky (but also scary so I've banned myself from listening to it after 9pm)
  • Mark Ronson, 'Ooh Wee' - I always find this tune uplifting.
  • Beach Boys 'God Only Knows' - it's emotional but not depressing, and good to sing along to while driving the saloon.
  • Anything by Status Quo - only joking, but I bet PG wants to put 'em on his list.

Movies I Love...

  • 'Wall Street' - How can you go wrong with a movie about money, New York and the 80s? Plus, Gordon Gekko is the sexiest movie villain I've ever seen. mmm...
  • 'Muppet Christmas Carol' - any movie with singing cauliflowers is fine by me.

TV Shows I Love...

  • 'The Sopranos' - I love those 'New Joisey' gangsters.
  • 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' - this American show is the funniest thing I've seen on the box.