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Be Breast Aware
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A key to weddings is thanking everyone who has arrived, but to buy all your guests’ gifts will end up eating into your budget. Wedding favours are not an essential to a wedding as you are throwing your guests a lavish party, but they make a pleasant gift for guests to take home...Read More

Lola's Top 5 Walks
Lola the Dog

Every bride wants to look a million dollars on their wedding day, but this doesn’t have to cost the earth. Often we see celebrities on the red carpet with pristine hair and wish that was us, but unfortunately we can’t all afford to have top stylists. Well now, with a bit of practice you can stop a bad hair day before it happens and create a style to suit you. Why not experiment with these DIY hair dos and create your own perfect hair day?...Read More

A Life Without Gluten
Laura Newman

My name is Laura, I live just outside Guildford, and I was diagnosed with coeliac disease at the beginning of 2012. It came as such a relief as for 10 years I had been plagued with all sorts of symptoms which were time and time again put down to irritable bowel syndrome. From upset stomachs to constant tiredness, stomach cramps, nausea, bloating, headaches, joint aches, depression, rashes, the list is endless...Read More

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