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Visit The Only Handyman website

Gone in 60 Seconds

With Barons BMW and MINI

Play Gone In 60 Seconds to win a share of £2,000 

All you need to do is register your name and address - this could be your home address or the address where you work - then look out for the Gone In 60 Seconds car from Monday the 26th of March.

If you see it parked outside your house or workplace you’ll have 60 seconds to get to the car and knock on the window to win cash!

Our drivers will be out 10 times from Monday the 26th to Thursday the 29th of March! So get registering for your chance to win...


Register To Play

Think........ Where will you be between the hours of 7am and 7pm from Monday the 26th to Thursday the 29th of March? Feel free to give a home or work address: whatever gives you the best chance of winning the cash!

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The Barons BMW & Mini Insider Clue 

There will be extra clues to our locations hidden on Baron's website. Check back once the game begins to find the link...

The Rules

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The driver reserves the right to suspend or cancel the game at any time if there is a risk to safety.

The driver will have the final say on whether or not a player has won.

The time limit of 60 seconds will be strictly adhered to from the moment the game is announced on air and the timer is started.

The car must be parked safely with the engine switched off for the game to be in play. If the engine is running or the car is moving the game is not in play.

Any attempts to interact with a running or moving car will result in the suspension of the game and the driver will move on to another location.

Do not attempt to flag down or stop the car. Any attempts to do so will result in suspension of the game and the driver will move on to another location.

In order to win, players must knock on the window of the car and give their full name in order to verify their identity and eligibility.

If the name given doesn’t match the entrant details we have then the game is void.

Eagle Radio staff do not carry cash - winners will be given a letter to exchange for their cash prize.

These gameplay rules are in addition to Eagle Radio’s Standard Competition Terms and Conditions.