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Farnborough Half Marathon 2018

The families of Stacey Burrows & Lucy Pygott are setting up a trust, held by Farnborough 6th Form College to award an annual grant to an aspiring athlete studying at the school.

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A Note From The Families

This year we will be introducing a new Foundation/Trust in memory of Stacey and Lucy as we feel it is the least they deserve for impact they had on the lives of everyone around them.

Farnborough Sixth Form College and Eagle Radio will be active partners with ourselves to ensure that the foundation benefits the students for as long as possible.

We thank you again for your support.

This year Lucy and Stacey were awarded Eagle Radio's Sports Award presented by Lord Sebastian Coe.

You can donate to their Just Giving page here.

Farnborough Half & 5K - Roll of Honor

Below are the names of all the people that took part in the Farnborough Half Marathon and 5K in memory of Stacey and Lucy
Lee Burrows (snr) / Helen Burrows / Lee Burrows / Dylan Burrows /  Darren Burrows / Sarah Burrows / Callum Burrows / Paul Burrows / Julie Burrows /  Abbie Burrows / Luke Burrows / Ryan Walls / Tracy Walls / Shaney Walls / Jimmy Bath / Vicky Venning / Jayson Dalton / Judith Freeman / Sheila Stanton / Andy Stanton / Kate Stanton / Lizzie Squibbs / Emily Squibbs / James Ratcliff / Amy Ratcliff / Elin Loftesnes / Ruth Jones / Kate Barney / Kate Perkins / Heather Perkins / Pauline Stevens / Zippy Grice / Helen Grice / Maisy Grice / Gill Pantony / Kelly Tampin / Shelby Tampin / Lisa Pygott / Ray Pygott / Matthew Pygott / Steve Roberts / Julie Roberts / Henny Stapelberg / Helena Hobson / Petra Green / Sally Hall / Liz Headley / Niamh Reid Smith / Andrew Reid Smith / Gaynor Reid Smith / Matthew Ralph / Leah Patterson / Andy Barney / Vanessa Norton Edwards / Catherine Daines / Simon Jarvis / Nicola Mullan / Samantha Till / Laura Collins / Samuel Voight / Laura Kendall / Barrie Jones / Gavin Sheffield / Robert Savoury / Dawn Nagy / Alex Nagy


Eagle Radio Running Team

Well done to everyone that participated in the Farnborough Half Marathon...here is the Eagle Radio team with their medals!