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taking a break

1. Write In  A Journal

Writing down your thoughts can be a good way to destress when taking a break. You could try the new trend in bullet journalling to help you keep on track with all aspects of your life.

2. Take A Bath

Get a new bath bomb or some bubble bath, stick some music on and chill out after a long day of revising!

3. Read Your Favourite Book

Swap the text books for a classic favourite or a brand new best seller. This will help you escape for a bit.

4. Snuggle Your Pet

If you're lucky enough to have a dog or a cat, give them a cuddle, an instant way to destress.

5. Do A Face Mask

Take some pampering time for yourself, you'll feel calmer and ready to face the day!

6. Unfollow People Who Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

We all have those people on social media who post constantly about how good their life is. Truth is, it probably isn't any better than anyone elses but if they make you feel bad when on social media. Block them.

7. Supermarket Trip

Pick out your favourite foods or the ingredients to make a new meal. It'll make you focus on something else and you get good food at the end of it. Win. 

8. Go On A Walk

There are loads of beautiful walking spots in Surrey and Hampshire. Take a break and head to the Surrey Hills for some fresh air and instagrammable views!

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9. Listen To A New Playlist

Download a new spotify playlist, or create on on Apple Music. You could also have a listen to us, eagle3 or Eagle 70s for a different soundtrack to your day!

10. Netflix Time

It can be distracting so you'll have to stop yourself binging! But, take the time to watch the first episode of that series that has been sat on your list for a while...

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