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Revision Tips

1. Notes, Flash Cards, and Mind Maps

Try and make your revision into a fun manageable game. You could even get your family to ask you test questions like a quiz!

2. Use Bright Colours

It makes your revision notes more fun to make, it also helps those with a photographic memory to associate information with different colours and pictures.

3. Food and Drink

Make sure you eat a balanced diet, keep hydrated and exercise. Always have a water bottle near you and swap sugary snacks for some fruit when revising, you can treat yourself when it's done!

4. Don't just memorize!

You could memorize your textbook word for word but understanding the content and being able to explain it allows your answers to stand out from the crowd.

5. Work in an Organised Space

If you're revising in your room and it's messy it'll be harder to concentrate. Tidy up your desk area and you'll have a clearer head!

6. Set Targets

Give yourself manageable revision goals every day. You will stop feeling overwhelmed and feel rewarded after a day of reading textbooks!

7. Limit Distractions

If your phone, the TV or food is distracting at home, why not head out to your favourite cafe or local park to get some revision done in the fresh air.

8. What's your motivation?

Place a photo in your workspace of what you're working towards or looking forward to after exam time. A university offer, a summer holiday or a night out with friends! 

9. Revise With Friends

Do a quiz over Facetime, you could ask each other questions and see how well you've been getting on in comparison. It's also more fun revising with friends!

10. Take Regular Breaks

A popular schedule is to revise for 30 Minutes and break for 15 minutes!

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