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Parents Help

1. Create a Revision TimeTable

Help your child create a revision timetable.

2. Create a Study Space

Find a quiet place to devote to you child's study space.


3. Get Relevant Resources

Help them get a good supply of stationary together, such a postcard size note pages and coloured pens or highlighters to make studying more interesting.


4. Planned Breaks

Make sure they are taking regular breaks - you could plan things to do in the longer breaks, such as a walk to the shops or park, visiting family and friends, or doing exercise such as a game of their favourite sport.

Nutritional Therapist Pippa Mitchell, from Eat Well Nutrition in Surrey, says empty calorie foods can lead to a 'crash' while revising.

Her top tips to stay focused through the difficult period are keeping hydrated and eating healthy snacks during revision sessions.

5. Help Them Revise

Offer to listen to them read back their notes, test them, or time them doing a past exam paper, then mark it together.



6. Stock Up On Snacks

Have plenty of snacks on hand - brown pasta, granary bread, nuts and fish are all good brain boosting foods.


7. Think How About The Home Environment

Try and create a calm atmosphere around the family home for them.


8. Strict Bedtimes

Discourage them from staying up late, especially the night before an exam.


9. Breakfast

Prepare a good breakfast on exam day.

Carol Musgrave is Eagle Radio's breakfast journalist during the Peter Gordon Breakfast Show.

Her eldest daughter is currently taking her GCSE exams and Carol wants other parents going through the exam season to know they are not alone.

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