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distracted driving

Did you know that up to 72% of drivers in the UK have admitted to multi-tasking whilst at the wheel?

Distracted drivers cause countless road accidents every year, often leading to serious injuries and fatalities.

As can be seen from recent tragedies the effects of these accidents are profound on all parties involved, including families, friends, emergency staff and employers.

distracted driving

Now action is being taken in Rushmoor to highlight the dangers of distracted driving.

It is all well and good talking about the theory but what about putting drivers through their paces in simulated real-life situations?

distracted driving

Classic Race Simulators has created a Distracted Driver Simulation package, which puts you in the driving seat.

It has three aims:

Raise awareness of how easily you can become distracted behind the wheel
Show how much things like tiredness, mobile phone use and other distractions can affect your driving
Encourage drivers to change their behaviour

distracted driving

On Wednesday 22nd November and Thursday 23rd November 2017, a special event is being held at Princes Hall, Aldershot.

Your organisation can book 10 cars for 30-minute sessions.

The sessions are free, with a suggested donation of £10 per car.

distracted drivingAll you have to do is register using the form below

We are no longer taking bookings