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Starting School

Starting School

Starting a new school can be a scary time for both children and parent's alike.

There are plenty of ways to ease the whole family into the process.

What are the signs my child is worried about starting school?

  • Avoids conversations about school or gets upset when talking about school
  • Doesn’t show excitement for getting new school uniform and equipment
  • Complains about tummy ache or nausea approaching the first day and on the morning of school

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How do I talk my child about starting school worries?

  • Build up to the first day over a long period of time, tell them what to expect – how fun it will be to make new friends and go to ‘big school’

  • If they still seem uneasy ask them what their concerns are

  • Listen to everything they tell you even if to you, it doesn’t seem like a big worry

  • Try to answer every worry they have with a solution; something to look forward to and what to do if it really does make them unhappy on the day

  • Ask what you can do to help them; put a plan in place, this may be going a practice school run or morning routine before the first day

  • Set things to look forward to at the end of each school day

  • Spend time with a friend who is going to the same school so they get used to being with another child and not parents for periods of the day

  • Practice the school run to start the conversation and ease worries

  • Label school clothes together to start the conversation and ease worries

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Back to school

(Sources: Parents.com; Healthychildren.org;  Mumsnet, Eagle Radio's back to school guide)

Where can I get more help?

  • The school; schools have plans in place to make a pupil's first day as easy as possible. Talk to staff if you have particular concerns. 
  • Mumsnet; chat to other parents going through the same process
  • Childline; has a dedicated back to school section on its website or call 0800 1111
  • Check out Eagle Radio's Back To School guide for more top tips

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