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Visit the website to find out more
Visit the website to find out more

Design work commission form


This design brief is an initial document which provides a point of reference to work from across the entire design process.

You can specify what you want from the design, and the designer can prompt for the aspects that you may not have thought of.

This document can be referred back to at all times to ensure that both parties are adhering to agreed-upon outcomes and objectives.

A good design brief will save you time and result in a more successful design.

Not sure what you want from your design? Need advice or guidance? We can chat about it before, after or while you fill out the commission form.

When do you need the project delivered by?
Please provide a brief outline of the project, including any design ideas you may have
If your project needs to be printed (e.g. flyers), how many do you require and at what size (e.g. A4)
If your design request includes any wording, please either paste it here or upload it as a document (see below)
Please wait...
Please upload any images or copy which will be used in your project
If you are not the only stakeholder and you require sign off from a client or colleague(s), please add details of these additional stakeholders