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Visit the website to find out more
Visit the website to find out more

Photo Video Submission

Let us know the specifics and upload your own images and logos to help our Production Team make your company video.

Please let us know who your contact is, here at Eagle
This will be the first text that appears on-screen. Please keep this short and sweet, 10 words or less.
Text Captions: 10 words or less
These will be the four pieces of text that appear in order between the Headline Text and the Call to Action.
This is the final piece of text in your video, make it really clear what the viewer should do. e.g. "Visit us on Broad Road, Guildford", "Pick up your [product] today".
If you are providing your own photos, please upload them below.
Please wait...
Please upload the photos you wish to feature in the video. You must upload at least 6 images, but it is possible to feature up to 10. We recommend only using high resolution images as this could effect the quality of the final video.
This is when you would like the video completed by. It may coincide with a store opening or new promotion. This is not a guaranteed delivery date, but if delivery is not possible by the date you request, our Video Production Team will contact you using the contact details you've provided.