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Visit the 1st Gear website

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The Voucher Shop is a joint promotion involving contributions from your company and Eagle Radio.
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Expiry Date XX/XX/XX. This voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. No change will be given. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. This voucher is not transferable. Advance booking is required quoting the voucher number. Voucher must be provided on arrival. Subject to availability. (If restaurant vouchers - 50% off Food only (drinks are charged in addition). 1 Voucher per booking per table. The restaurants decision is final)
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You (or your licensors) will retain all ownership rights in your Content, but by making Content available to us you grant us a non-exclusive licence (including the right to sub-license to our partner broadcasters and other third parties) to use, store, copy and adapt that Content and to distribute and communicate it (and any adaptation of it) to the public by any means. We take no responsibility for any use of Content by third parties (including other users of our site and/or social media pages) unless such use was specifically authorised by us.
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Whilst the vouchers will be offered at half the RRP, Eagle Radio reserves the rights to reduce the price of unsold vouchers further in the final 4 weeks before the voucher expires.
No guarantee is made regarding the amount of business turnover that will be generated by this voucher promotion or associated advertising.
Vouchers will be available for online purchase at the agreed discounted rate of 50%. All proceeds of the online sale of the vouchers will accrue to Eagle Radio.
Eagle Radio will provide £3,000 of advertising with 4 days on-air coverage, details on the Voucher Shop for 12 weeks and social media activity. A contra invoice will be supplied by both parties for account purposes, so Eagle Radio will require a contra invoice from you for £3,000 (inc VAT) and showing the VAT so £2,500 + £500 VAT. If your company is not VAT registered then you will need to pay the VAT amount.