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Christmas Dinner

For some, this is the most important part of the entire season.

And let's be honest, if your'e cooking for the family there is a lot of pressure.

Here's some inspiration to keep it simple but looking superb.

Surviving the Volume of Food | Table Decoration | The Dinner

The sheer volume of food

Let's be honest, we all look forward to the food over Christmas.

In the past experts have estimated the average Brit consumes more than 7,000 calories on Christmas Day.

Yikes! That's more then three times the guideline daily intake for a woman (which is 2,000 if you were wondering).

So, if you're going to overindulge at least spread it across the day.

Popular Christmas traditions include:

  • Smoked salmon and scrambled egg breakfast with bucks fizz.

  • Mid-morning nibbles, such as festive walnuts nuts, pigs in blankets and prawns.

  •  The feast.

  • Dessert - after a short break.

  • An evening cheese board with left over cold meats.

  • On Boxing Day, reuse the left over veg for bubble and squeak. Great with fried eggs for breakfast, or cold meats at lunch time and in the evening. 

christmas dinner

The table 

It is easy to concentrate on the food, but what about the dining table?

Whether it is folding the napkins to look like Christmas trees - or decorating a plain candle with some festive pine needles and cones - these simple hacks will make your table look the part.

The dinner 

It is the part we all talk about and drool over for months. 

The one day where we feel it justified to eat more than we have ever tried to consume before. 

But it can be a gruelling challenge for the chef - especially if you're cooking for the extended family - not to mention juggling the traditional components with an alternative offering for family members with special dietary requirements. 

We've found a few vegan, vegetarian and gluten free alternatives that are so good they may even get eyed up by the whole family. 

Then there's a few ideas to present the traditional components in a fun way.

...and we've got dessert covered too:

Turkey Tips

So... Christmas is over, and you have soooo much turkey left... 

click here for some great recipe ideas!