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The Decorations

The fastest time to decorate a Christmas tree is 36.89 seconds and was achieved by Sharon Juantuah (UK) in Essex on 22 November 2013.

...Or you can take your time with our creative money-saving ideas.

DIY Christmas Decorations

It can be a chore to drag the dusty box of decorations out of the loft, not to mention untangling the lights to find some don't work.

It's always tempting to deck your halls with glistening new items, especially as they twinkle in every shop window you pass. 

But there is a way to spruce up your tree without adding more cost to the season.

We've tried to find some fun things you can do with the kids too!

Take a look at the board below for some great DIY decoration ideas:


More DIY Christmas ideas

Here's a few more ideas from crafty people to create an amazing Christmas!