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Christmas Fun and Games

Carol Singing in Pairs

School Group singing nativity songs for christmas

Before the party, write down names of well known Christmas songs on little bits of paper (2 of each song – on two different slips of paper).

Then put the amount of slips, as there are people, in a bag (there needs to be an even number for this game). Each person has to pick a slip of paper from the bag making sure not to show anyone.Once they see what song they got, they need to begin humming the song (everyone will start humming at the same time).

Each person has to find the other person who is humming the same song as they are. Once they locate this person, they hold hands and start singing the song out load.

The first ones to do this are the winners!

Christmas Decorations

Download Christmas Angel Template

Christmas Tree Angel


Download Snowman Paper Chain Template


Snowman Paper Chain

Turkey Tips

So... Christmas is over, and you have soooo much turkey left...
click here for some great recipe ideas!