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The Peter Gordon Breakfast Show

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Some of the things you have said about the Peter Gordon Breakfast Show via the Eagle Radio Soundcheck...

Kerry Trafford it is fab to have breakfast bev back. Love PG PG for PM!!!!

Roz Thomas Excellent; always loved Bev. A great team!

Sally Hodgson Love the rapport. love the fact they are slightly more risky

Sue Avey Have always loved PG and his breakfast show…….the return of our breakfast Bev is just the best icing on the cake. Am in need of an "I Love Breakfast Bev" car sticker!

Justin Moore Still entertaining , good when Bev gets a stop on with PG , Posh didn't get that stroppy with him!

Sasha Sobey its just like the old days!!, loving the breakfast show!!

Jackie Taylor I always wondered whether Bev would come back and had a feeling she was going to return when she stood in one day. She does things which I would do, like throw the pen at PG. He was lucky though, I would have thrown a few more things too. Long may she stay.

Debbie Prendergast Wonderful that Bev is back. Its like someone giving you a Wagon Wheel. You didn't think you'd missed them but its lovely that they're back

Denise Buxton I think Bev and PG work well together and do make me laugh

Jacqui Barrimore it is still good bev and peter stell have a good banter. peter still makes me laugh. I just love his sense of humour and the way he messes about.

Anthony Haigh Just like old times!!!! It seems she has never been away! I love the banter and cheekiness between them they make a great pair!

Kevin Smith PG is appallingly arrogant. Disgraceful.