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PG visits G-Live

Glive pgThere comes a point when everyone has to set grumbles and past concerns aside, and embrace the opportunity in front of them.

That’s the way I feel about G Live and all this development could mean for Guildford.

As host of the “Live Music Forums” which were held following the demise of the old Civic Hall – it was quite a moment to be able to look around the new venue. I had been accused of “stirring things up” and “council-bashing” when the Civic shut down.

Of course, the whole issue about live entertainment in Guildford wasn’t about blame or recrimination at that time – it was about “what are we going to do next?”

Although I freely admit there were some that perhaps used the bandwagon for more altruistic reasons – but that’s Guildford for you! But now the “next” bit has been addressed – and I have to say that G Live looks – and feels – fantastic.

The main auditorium is impressive and airy. But, at the same time, from what I could see, there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

But what made it for me – was the clear vision that the venue will be for the use of not just entertainers and musicians and those who want to watch them – but there is a clear nod to local business groups and community organisations with some well thought out studio and working rooms.

So out of all the ashes of a previous age, rises something new, eventually, for Guildford Town. With a great list of acts and perhaps (may I suggest) discounted use for community groups/projects (?), G-Live looks like it will put Guildford back on the contemporary entertainment map, as well as compliment existing facilities (including the ever important Yvonne Arnaud) admirably.