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So after twelve hard weeks - PG's Fit for Panto journey has come to an end!

From fitness tests to walking basketball, BMIs and blood pressure, PG has worked his socks off to shed the pounds in time for Panto!

Starting week one at 16 stone 6 pounds - PG now hits the scales at a fantastic 15 stone 1 pound! A total of 19 pounds lost in twelve weeks!

RECAP: PG's Weight Loss - Week by Week

Week # 12 (PG's Weight: 15 Stone 1 pounds)


The day had come...it was PG's FINAL weigh-in!

Not only was it less than a week since we last weighed PG - this time it was in front of the whole cast and crew of Yvonne Arnaud's 'Aladdin'!

No pressure then PG.....

Would he finish his Fit For Panto journey with another loss in weight?


Well done PG another THREE pounds off, to take the grand total of weight lost over the 12 weeks to 1 stone and 5 pounds!

Week # 11 (PG's Weight: 15 Stone 4 pounds)

It was the final Wednesday Weigh-In LIVE from the Eagle studios this morning, could PG keep up the good work?


Yes he could!! FOUR pounds off....amazing!!


He set his target to lose one stone and he completed it with a week to go!!


Remember the final weigh-in will take place next Monday….and it will be LIVE with all the Yvonne Arnaud Aladdin cast!! ….no pressure PG!



Week # 10 (PG's Weight: 15 Stone 8 pounds)

With only 2 weeks left of PG’s Fit for Panto journey - could he keep the pounds off this week?


Along with lots of walking around Surrey and Hampshire and continuing to eat healthy, PG put himself in a strong position to have another positive weight loss week!

7.35am on the dot and he stepped on the scales………..another 1 pound off!

Amazing work PG!

Week # 8/9 (PG's Weight: 15 Stone 9 pounds)

So after no weigh-in last week….could PG keep up the good work and shed some more pounds this morning for a Tuesday Weigh-In?


Yes he could!!


It’s another 2 pounds off! Only 3 pounds to go and he will have lost a stone! Come on PG….lets do 3 lbs next week! : )


Week # 7 (PG's Weight: 15 Stone 11 pounds)

PG's training this week included shenanigans at Surrey Sports Park with Walking Basketball, lots and lots of walking around Surrey and Hampshire and still continuing to eat healthy!.....but the question on everyone lips 'could he continue to shed the pounds?"


Another 2 pounds off! - GOLD star PG! Now hitting the scales at 15 stone 11 pounds!!

Week # 6 (PG's Weight: 15 Stone 13 pounds)

After 2 pounds off last week....could he do it again for Week 6?

Yes he could! It was another 3 pounds down and now PG hits the scales at 15 stone 13 pounds!!

An amazing effort from PG!!.....we think Breakfast Bev and Morning Matt's posters helped!! ; )

Week # 5 (PG's Weight: 16 Stone 2 pounds)

So after another week of training, including visiting Surrey Human Performance Institute (SHPI) PG was ready to step on the scales for a fifth time!

....and a huge well done to PG who has lost another 2 pounds!!

Can he get down to the 16 stone mark next week?

Week # 4 (PG's Weight: 16 stone 4 pounds)

Despite being caught in the work canteen with a sneaky chocolate muffin in the later part of last week, PG is adamant that he has been "absolutely on it" in preparation for this week's weigh-in. He arrived in a new lightweight robe to give him an edge on last week, but with a brilliant loss of 5 pounds, we have to give him credit for the hard work he's put in, both in terms of dieting and exercising by walking the Surrey hills.

Well done PG - let's get it down to a solid 16 stone as soon as possible


Listen here to PG discussing food addiction with Counsellor and Psychologist Melanie Phelps from Camberley:

Week #3 (PG's Weight: 16 Stone 9 Pounds)

After yet another reality check last week when PG actually increased his weight by over 3 pounds in his first attempt at getting fit, it was serious business in the seven days.

He claims he's been walking miles and miles and eating better, but this is contrary to some reports from other staff at Eagle Radio who have caught him with sweet wrappers in his pockets, and he was spotted in a local supermarket enquiring as to the whereabouts of the custard...He claimed it wasn't for him.

So he talked a good game, but did he lose any weight?

No, not really. The scales cast their judgement, and his weight has hardly changed at all. But at least he's maintained consistency, right?!


Week #2 (PG's Weight: 16 Stone 9 Pounds)

After a reality check from the Dr a couple of weeks ago, PG slid into his faithful dressing gown once again for his second weigh-in since starting to try to lose weight... 

It didn't go well.

Just over a week since his last weigh-in, and he's managed to gain over 3 pounds, that's about 1.3kg

Better luck next time!


Week #1  (PG's Weight: 16 Stone 6 Pounds)

Week #1 (PG's Weight: 16 Stone 6 Pounds)

From the bathroom scales to the blood-pressure monitor, we recruited some outside help in understanding health as PG gets Fit for Panto.

Dr Allison Jump from Dapdune House Surgery in Guildford gives her first analysis on PG's health and the challenge ahead.

She says "It's definitely do-able because anything you can improve is going to help and make you feel better".

Together, PG and Dr Allison discuss blood pressure and BMIs, Type 2 Diabetes and eating habits.