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The Peter Gordon Breakfast Show

Family Face Off On Eagle Radio

Every Friday morning on the Peter Gordon Breakfast Show we give families the opportunity to settle an argument live on the radio with a best of three quick-fire quiz...

 What is the Family Face Off on Eagle Radio? 

  • Are you always struggling to get your children to tidy their room?
  • Do you want to choose what to have for tea instead of Mum and Dad always deciding?
Eagle Radio is giving you the chance to go head to head – parents versus children, live on The Peter Gordon Breakfast Show. In a best-of-three quick-fire quiz, the breakfast team will put families to the test to see who will prevail, parent or child 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦


It was Caroline vs daughter Paige from Guildford on Family Faceoff.
Mum Chloe wants to win to make Phoebe clean out the cat litter tray.

How to play the Eagle Radio Family Face Off?

To play Eagle Radio's Family Face Off, you need to apply via the form below. Tell us who you are competing against, is it Mum vs. Son or Dad vs. Daughter etc.. and let us know the stakes!

Once you've sent in your application, Morning Matt will give you a ring and set a date for your game. We'll then ring you live on the Peter Gordon Breakfast show around 7:45AM on your day and get the game going ☎ 

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Some of the Family Face Off stakes we've had so far...

  • 📣 Archie from Walton "Stay up late and choose what we have for tea!", vs. Mum, Amy, "I want him to help out with the house chores"
  • 📣 Amber in Aldershot wants to "spend my pocket money at the Toy Shop", vs. Mum, Tracey, "you'll have to help me clean the car!"

Eagle Radio's Standard Terms and Conditions

Will daughter Gabby beat her Mum Claire to get another pet goldfish?
It was Molly vs. Isla on the Family Face Off with Morning Matt.

When can you play the Eagle Radio Family Face Off?

Eagle Radio's Family Face Off is played every Friday on the Peter Gordon Breakfast Show at 7:45AM ⏰

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Apply to play the Family Face Off on Eagle Radio

If you want to join in with Family Face-Off, fill in the form below and name the stakes
So we can have everyone on air, if possible please let us know two phone numbers.
Don't worry if you don't have two phones available, you can still be part of Face Off on the one!
Just so we can contact the school for promotional reasons