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Family Faceoff

Family Faceoff

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Are you always struggling to get your children to tidy their room?

Do you want to choose what to have for tea instead of Mum and Dad always deciding?

Eagle Radio is giving you the chance to go head to head – parents versus children, LIVE on The Peter Gordon Breakfast Show!

In a best-of-three quick fire quiz, the breakfast team will put families to the test to see who will prevail, parent or child?

The winner will get to decide what they want – if Mum or Dad win, maybe they’ll get their child to help clean up around the house or help with the dishes…or if the little one wins, they get to stay up for an extra hour past their bedtime at the weekend!

Eagle Radio’s Family Face Off is giving you the chance to WIN your OWN WAY by applying below….

Jo vs Evie, Godalming

Jenny & Max - Farnham Louise & Edie, Ripley Kirsty & Frank - Shalford Tracy & Amber - Aldershot Amy & Archie - Walton Max, Farnham Louise & Edie, Ripley

What are the stakes? Previous Family Face-Offs on Eagle Radio...

Chloe vs. Phoebe

Will Phoebe be able to have a trip to Coral Reef?

Or will Mum, Chloe win and make Phoebe clean out the cat litter tray?

Claire vs. Gabby

Will Claire get a 10 minute foot massage for a week?

Or will daughter Gabby win and be allowed another pet goldfish?



Max in Farnham, "Can I have a sleepover with friends?" vs.

Jenny, his mum, "if I win, he has to clean the house, top to bottom!"

Archie from Walton, "Stay up late and choose what we have for tea!", vs.

Mum, Amy, "I want him to help out with the house chores"

Amber in Aldershot wants to "spend my pocket money at the Toy Shop", vs.

Mum, Tracey, "you'll have to help me clean the car!"

If you want to join in with Family Face-Off, fill in the form below and name the stakes!

So we can have everyone on air, if possible please let us know two phone numbers.
Don't worry if you don't have two phones available, you can still be part of Face Off on the one!
Just so we can contact the school for promotional reasons

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