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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

22nd April 2020


A very special edition of the breakfast blog this morning - courtesy of Cheryl and Elen from 'Rest Assured Sleep Coaching' who featured live on 'The Peter Gordon Breakfast Show' today ...enjoy! : ) 

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We all know how important sleep is but many of us are finding it a challenge during these unpredictable times. More than ever, parents are contacting us with stories of children resisting bedtime, waking more in the night and, as if this isn’t tiring enough for us adults, we seem to be encountering our own issues. Lying there for hours with our minds racing trying to get our heads around the uncertainty that many of us are feeling at the moment, not being able to wind down after the day or waking early feeling exhausted.

So, with this in mind, here at Rest Assured Sleep Coaching we have put together some top tips to help you and your family sleep better during lockdown:  


1.      Routine

This is the most important factor for protecting both children and adult’s sleep. Our daily routine is likely to have been disrupted in many ways with day care and schools closing, working from home or being furloughed. It is so tempting to have a lie in, become relaxed about when we and our children go to bed however, sticking to our pre-lockdown sleep schedule is the key. As much as possible, anchor your awake and sleep times every day. Keeping these and a gentle wind down routine consistent, will lead to an improved ability to not only fall asleep but stay asleep for longer.


2.      Daylight

It is vital to get as much daylight as possible when you are awake. Take advantage of your daily exercise time and go for that walk, run, skip or hop outside - especially if you have children. Our bodies need exposure to daylight to help release melatonin which is the vital hormone which regulates our sleep/awake pattern. So, whatever space or environment you are in, throw those curtains open as soon as you wake up and get your face in the sun!


3.      Activity

During lockdown it is much more challenging for us to be active but not impossible and, indeed, the more active we are, the more tired we will all be when it comes to bedtime. Outside is best but, if this is not possible, get creative with the space that you have. Whether it be doing an online fitness class (there are so many on social media now), creating an obstacle course in your living room or linking education for your children and exercise by reciting times tables whilst star jumping, keep moving as much as possible and tire the whole family out.


4.      Limit screen time

Possibly the most challenging for adults AND children alike but it is crucial that we do it. Blue light emitted from phones, TVs and tablets can actively delay the release of that sleep-inducing hormone melatonin and increase our alertness by re-setting our body clock - not good news just before we head to bed whatever our age. We suggest leaving a clear hour between any screen time and going to bed. This gives the body and mind time to wind down and enter into a state of preparedness for sleep. Instead of TV, why not try colouring, doing a puzzle, having a warm bath or reading a good book?


5.      Limit your news intake

Listening to the news all day long at the moment can really increase our anxiety and stress levels. Our children are also extremely perceptive and, although you may not think it, are picking up snippets of news left, right and centre which seems to be increasing anxiety and stress levels in them as well as us. Although it is tough to do as we all want to remain informed, try to limit how much you listen to the news on a daily basis. You could try looking at the morning headlines, updating yourself at lunch and finish with a wrap up of the day early in the evening. In the interim, why not listen to music, dance around your kitchen (is that just me?) listen to a podcast or try an audio book instead to see whether this decreases how anxious you and your children feel.


Good quality sleep encourages good immunity function (vital at the moment), helps to shield us against stress and anxiety and boosts our mood and energy levels. For more information on helping your child get a good night’s sleep or for help with any infant sleep issue, get in touch with us on Instagram or via our website at www.restassuredsleepcoaching.com


Sweet dreams,

Cheryl & Elen x


Thanks to the team at Rest Assured Sleep Coaching - definitely go check them out!

Listen back to the interview in full here

Stay safe and join PG, Breakfast Bev and Morning Matt tomorrow - they will be LIVE from 6.00AM

: ) 

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