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Wednesday 15th January 2020

15th January 2020

Seeing as it's hump day, PG & Breakfast Bev thought we could all have a giggle and find out the strangest way you have managed to injure yourself.



Some of you had brilliant stories, you can read them all, and share your own on our Facebook page.

As yet, no one is having having any luck with the clue that PG shared on Monday for the Mystery Voice, as this morning, Chesney Hawkes was added to the wrong answer list.

You can see all the wrong guesses, listen to the voice as many times as you like and see ALL the prizes up for grabs (there are some real good ones in there!) here

Jim in Haslemere didn't have much luck on the £1,000 Minute today, he only scored 3 out of 10!

Pay My Bills 2020

We aren't having much luck with Pay my Bills on the Breakfast show at the moment! Ruby missed her chance to have one of her bills paid because the phone went to voice mail! 

Your next chance to win is today with Kim at 14.15, so if you have submitted a bill to us, make sure you listen for the code phrase then and answer your phone!!

PG and Breakfast Bev will see you tomorrow morning :).

Posted by Breakfast Show at 11:39am

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