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Tuesday 18th February 2020

18th February 2020

It's Tuesday!


This morning, Adam and Breakfast Bev were reminiscing about how they used to earn their pocket money & they both admitted they used to clean their parents cars.

 You can let us know what chores you had to do over on our Facebook  Page.

The Mystery Voice prize pack is now worth over £3,000 and this morning's wrong guess was Queen's Roger Taylor.



We rang FIVE people on this morning's Ring-A-Ding-A-Doughnuts, with no winner! The phone either went to voice mail or people said 'hello' and very quickly regretted it! 

There is still time send us your details if you would like to win some doughnuts for your work place, you can find out more here

Simon from Drive will be joining Bev tomorrow from 6am, see you then!

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