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Tuesday 11th February 2020

11th February 2020

Well that was awkward!

After a list of the top 50 most awkward situations has been revealed, PG and Breakfast Bev wanted to know what has been the most awkward situation you have found yourself in?


There have been some really funny stories, which you can check out and share your own on our Facebook page.

There has still been NO winner on this round of the Mystery Voice.

This morning's incorrect guess was Nick Hewer.

If you want to check that wrong answer list before you try and win over £3,000 worth of prizes, you can find it here.

Richard in Bookham did not hear any of the five questions that Bev had shared throughout the morning and he scored 3 out of 10.

However, Richard may not have won £1,000, but he has won a bouquet voucher worth £50 from Longacres Garden Centre for taking part!


It is day two of Ring-A-Ding-A-doughnuts and Erika in Farnborough was the lucky winner this morning, so Adam and Simon will be popping over with your doughnuts today!

PG and Bev will be back tomorrow from 6am, see you then!

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