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Thursday 16th January 2020

16th January 2020


PG and Breakfast Bev were back for a fun-filled Breakfast Show.


This morning we were asking, what is the most common mistake you make?

After PG and Bev shared theirs, the next time you see someone going wrong on the Guildford one-way system, take a guess at who it might be!

You can join in the conversation on our Facebook page

We are still no closer to finding a winner on the Mystery Voice, which has now been running for over six months!!!

To find out how you could win up to almost £3,000 worth of prizes, click here

£1000 Minute

Masum in Guildford finally got through and made his debut on the £1000 Minute but unfortunately, he only managed to score 1 out of 10.

For a fourth time this week, we STILL have not had a winner on Pay My Bills at breakfast! Find out how to play and if you haven't already, upload your bill here.

PG and Bev will be back for a feel good Friday tomorrow from 6am,


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