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Monday 24th February 2020

24th February 2020

Monday 22nd February 2020

This morning Adam and Charlotte were discussing what makes them lose their cool, a lot of you get cross when people hog the middle lane and forget to use their indicators! 


I’m sure there were some that you could relate to, let us know your pet peeves on our Facebook page

Today Amy in Guildford had a guess at The Mystery Voice but unfortunately, Amy had not checked the wrong answer list first! As Dermot O'Leary was already on there. 

Winning Ring-A-Ding-A-Doughnuts had Hannah in so much shock she forgot where she worked for a second! Tangles Hair Salon in Woking is actually closed today but we’re sure Hannah can bring them in and treat her colleagues tomorrow! 

woking doughnuts 24

Pauline in Farnborough had a strong start correctly guessing the first question of the £1,000 a Minute but after this her final score was only 1 out of 10. 

PG will be back tomorrow, just in time for pancake day!

See you then.

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