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March 2020

Wednesday 11th March 2020

11th March 2020

This morning PG and Breakfast Bev were discussing the Corona Virus outbreak and called for sensible approaches and common sense. Our Facebook page is constantly updated with the latest information regarding this, so head over there to keep up to date.  

In other news the mystery voice continues to roll on. Today Julie came back for another attempt...She thought it was Adam Garcia who was a Judge on the ’Got to Dance’ and ‘Dance Boss’ so thought our clue ‘what he says goes’ fit perfectly. We liked her thinking and It wasn’t on the wrong answer list, but it is now. Head over to our website to check the wrong answer list for your chance to win over £3,000 in prizes.

Ben was so close this morning with a 9 out 10 on the 1000-pound minute…or so we thought. On review he actually got 10 out of 10 and we were thrilled to phone him back with the good news. Tune in tomorrow morning where Breakfast Bev will give out a few of the questions at 6.30 and 3 more at 8 o’clock.

£1k Winner

Our “Mega March Getaway” has started. You can win a trip to Benidorm. Head over to our Facebook page to find out more and to book your Virtual Boarding pass!

We have also started our Easter Egg Appeal for 2020. It gives local, less fortunate children a happier Easter in Surrey and Hampshire. If you can help, we would greatly appreciate it, find your nearest drop off point on our website.

PG and Bev are back tomorrow from 6am.  

Posted by Breakfast Bev at 10:01am

Friday 6th March 2020

6th March 2020

What are you up to this weekend?


Let us know on our Facebook page. 

It was another five caller Friday on the Mystery Voice and each caller was able to ask a yes/no question. 

Even with more questions asked, there has still been no winner! you can check all the wrong answers and listen to the voice here.

£1000 Minute

Kelly in Hindhead scored 5/10 for the final round of this week's £1000 Minute, it may not have been enough to win the cash, but it is a good score for your first try Kelly!

PG and Bev will be back Monday morning at 6am!

Posted by Breakfast Show at 10:43am

Tuesday 3rd March 2020

3rd March 2020

Did you know that this week is British pie week?


So of course, PG wanted to honour this by asking, what is your favourite pie filling? (Whether it is savory or sweet!). 

Let us know, or maybe get some inspiration for your dinner tonight on our Facebook page.

A 1000 piece Marvel Jigsaw Puzzle was added to the Mystery Voice prize pack this morning & the incorrect guess was Tony Blair.

If you would like to win over £3,300 worth of prizes, all you need to do is tell us who the voice belongs to! You can listen to the voice as many times as you like, and check all the wrong guesses here

1000 MIN

Glen from Aldershot played this mornings £1000 Minute but scored 2 out of 10.

Your next chance to place is tomorrow morning at 8.15am.

PG and Bev will see you tomorrow, have a lovely day!

Posted by Breakfast Show at 11:04am

Monday 2nd March 2020

2nd March 2020

Good morning!

PG was back to start a new week! 

We have a new competition starting on Eagle Radio this March which you won't want to miss...


Click above to find out more!

As you have probably guessed.. The Mystery Voice has STILL not been won! If you fancy getting your hands on over £3,300 worth of prizes, listen to the voice and check the wrong answers here

£1000 Minute

Diana in Aldershot had a good go on this morning's £1000 Minute, but she didn't quite score 10 out of 10!

Your next chance to play will be tomorrow morning at 8.15

PG and Bev will see you tomorrow from 6am.

Posted by Breakfast Show at 1:05pm


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