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Friday 24th July 2020

24th July 2020

Happy F.R.I.D.A.Y!

The weekend is nearly here - PG and Breakfast Bev were back for the final show of the week and the topic everybody is talking about this morning...

Face Mask

Face Mask/Coverings...

Face coverings are now compulsory in England in shops, on public transport and when buying food or drink to take away.

In Scotland, face coverings were already mandatory in shops and on public transport.

In Wales, people will have to wear them on public transport by law from Monday 27 July, but they still won't be compulsory in shops.

In Northern Ireland, face coverings are currently only compulsory on public transport, in hospitals and care homes.

As the rules change in England, Sky News explains all you need to know about face masks.

What is a face covering and how is it different to a mask?

The term face covering is being used to describe anything that sufficiently covers a person's mouth and nose to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

According to Public Health England (PHE), this could be a homemade fabric covering or mask, scarf, bandana or surgical mask - often referred to as personal protective equipment (PPE).

Where do I have to wear a mask?

People in all four regions of the UK are being encouraged to cover their mouth and nose with a mask or homemade face covering in environments where keeping a 2m distance from others may prove difficult.

This includes enclosed spaces such as shops, supermarkets, shopping centres, trains, buses, taxis, airports or stations.

Where don't I have to wear a mask?

Face masks are not compulsory in pubs, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, beauty salons, gyms, cinemas, theatres or concert halls.

But those businesses are expected to take measures to protect their staff and customers from coronavirus and make their premises "COVID-secure".

This means while you may not have to wear a mask by law, people working in those environments will probably be wearing one and may ask you to do the same.

Where should I already be wearing a mask?

It is illegal to board public transport in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland without a face mask. This includes buses, trains, taxis, trams and the London Underground, as well as indoor spaces such as stations and airports.

People are also required to cover their face at outdoor railway stations, but not at bus stops.

Masks were already mandatory inside shops in Scotland, but not in Wales or Northern Ireland.

Face masks are heavily encouraged across all clinical settings, which include hospitals and care homes, although this is down to the NHS trust or company that runs the home.

Read the FULL article on our website right now here - including certain groups of people who are exempt from wearing a mask.

Have a great, safe weekend - and join the breakfast team back on Monday, they will be LIVE from 6.00am!

: )

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