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Friday 17th January 2020

17th January 2020

We've made it to Friday!


Let us know what makes it a feel good Friday for you on our Facebook page.

It has been a whole week now since PG gave the first clue for the Mystery Voice and it has STILL not been won!

You can check out all the wrong guesses, listen to the voice and see the nearly £3,000 worth of prizes you could win here.  

Kate in Fleet played the £1000 Minute this morning, and as she heard all five questions that Bev had shared throughout the morning, she managed to score 5 out of 10!

Pay My Bills in association with GnERGY

We FINALLY had a Pay my Bills winner on the Peter Gordon Breakfast show this morning! Merit in Aldershot answered the phone with 'lets 'av it then', which means Eagle Radio are paying Merit's utility bill!

Have a lovely weekend, PG & Breakfast Bev will see you on Monday Morning at 6am.



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