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Surrey & Hampshire`s BIZ Awards are launching for 2018- will you be coming to our party?

25th January 2018

Article from me on this occasion as I wanted to share details of our Business Awards and in particular, how you as a local business could benefit from becoming an award sponsor.

Biz Awards 17 people

If you are still reading, here goes.. Eagle Radio enjoys a unique position as the most listened to local commercial radio station in our broadcast area. Alongside our listening audiences we have a huge following through our social media and on-line platforms. As the region`s trusted news and information source, we also have a huge influence in the local area. So what has that got to do with Business Awards?

We have over twenty years’ experience of hosting events and running marketing campaigns so you can be assured that Surrey & Hampshire`s BIZ Awards 2018 will be widely promoted to local businesses, that there will be hundreds of local companies entering and that the Award ceremony will be a special occasion. What`s more, as patrons of both The Surrey and Hampshire Chambers of Commerce, these awards are high profile, credible and worth winning.

The Surrey & Hampshire BIZ Awards are easy (and completely Free) to enter; they are independently judged and worth winning as the total value of the ten category awards amounts to £30,000.

Representatives from our thirty shortlisted finalists will be invited to our celebration event in Woking on Thursday 24th May where guests will enjoy live entertainment, an inspirational speaker and of course the awards ceremony. Again there are no costs for the winners to attend, they are invited as VIP guests to celebrate their success.

There are ten different categories to enter- from Digital Innovation to Community Consideration and Customer Focus. Each of our partner-sponsors receive coverage on the radio, through social media and of course at the event itself. We even produce a bespoke, personalised video about your company. As a sponsor, you are in good company- we already have five fantastic partners confirmed.

If this has got you thinking that you might enjoy being involved in this year`s awards and the idea of working with us over the coming months appeals to you – I would love to hear from you. In terms of the investment required, I feel that at £3,500 + vat (which also helps us to cover the costs of running the awards) it is an interesting, creative and exciting way to spend your marketing budget. 

Thanks again for reading this article and below you will find further information and an interesting link to a video featuring local business owner and experienced award winner, Ollie Rastall discussing how to promote your award success.

Click here to find out more!

- Written by: Paul Marcus, Managing Director of Eagle Radio Ltd.

Posted by Eagle 360 Team at 9:52am


Why sales professionals don't need critical parents

17th November 2017

Business owners, sales directors and office managers should never forget how tough the job of a sales person really is. Your sales team is having to go out and represent your brand in the market place every day and secure cold-hard cash for your product or service. That is a tough and very specific way for anyone to be judged and rewarded. 


My personal experience is that it only takes a bad call for a sales person to question themselves... a bad week and you wonder whether the products being offered are going to work for a client. A bad month and in that short space of time it’s possible to lose total faith in both yourself and the brand you are representing – Next step- Does anybody really need or want this product or service at all?

A professional, motivated sales person will take personal responsibility for their actions and because invariably monthly earnings are linked to performance, unlike many other roles, failure has a very real and personal impact. My experience is that sales professionals will perform better when they feel successful, valued and motivated as opposed to being anxious, unappreciated and under threat.

When there is pressure in the boardroom or around the management table it is just too easy to reflect frustration, express disappointment and even to take things personally and feel let down by an under-performing sales team. However there is no win in taking on the role of a critical parent, watching from the side-lines being disappointed. Counsellors will tell you critical parent mode is often a position taken by people to avoid addressing personal responsibility for a situation or a decision. Of course it is much more comfortable focussing criticism elsewhere rather than at yourself.

My suggestions based on my experience (and I will be honest enough to say I have got it wrong on many occasions) is to do the basic things as well as possible. Create an environment where sales success is celebrated and not assumed; ensure that the right internal meetings are taking place alongside client meetings- regular line-manager check-ins; structured team meetings; quarterly planning alongside ad-hoc creative strategy and personal and or team development days.

Be involved in the day to day lives of your team and be the leader that un-blocks the things getting in the way of your team`s success –whether that`s through better training and development, improved structures and processes or product offerings.  

And then it`s back to you – Look ahead at what`s coming next?  Are you providing enough support in creating a modern strategy for lead-generation? (More of that another time…).   

- Written by: Paul Marcus, Managing Director of Eagle Radio Ltd.


Posted by Eagle 360 Team at 10:39am

Walk The Local Walk To Protect Your Reputation

2nd October 2017


It is not an unrealistic aspiration for a local company to set itself the objective of being famous locally. Media can play a major role in helping small and medium-sized businesses to become global in their local marketplace through creating and reinforcing a strong brand identity.

It is now easier than ever for business owners to reach out to potential customers but it is also important to remember that especially in a local market place, it is the people that set the agenda. If you are claiming to be an authentic, local company then make sure you are walking the local walk.

Being local impacts whom you employ, how you manage your customer service and how you engage with the local community. Most importantly as a local company, you will need to constantly demonstrate that you are engaged in the conversation taking place and remember those conversations could be happening about you on local platforms.

I read a remarkable thread on a local `spotted in... .’  Facebook page recently which was shared, viewed and commented on many hundreds of times. The thread was about a well-known and popular barber`s shop in Frimley who had allegedly declined a request from a customer for their young child to make use of a staff only toilet. As the conversation unfolded on Facebook there were many strong, negative views expressed and also a number of contributors recommending alternative barbers who would definitely offer toilet facilities.

Regardless of the topic or the rights and wrongs, an intervention from the company- an apology or even a sympathetic understanding and explanation would have helped to protect a local company`s hard-earned reputation.

Being local in a modern world means engaging with our community in ways we would never have imagined, even eighteen months ago. You cannot please all the people all of the time but being aware, agile and ready to be part of the conversation should play a growing part in your approach to marketing. 

- Written by: Paul Marcus, Managing Director of Eagle Radio Ltd.

Posted by Eagle 360 Team at 10:27am


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