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Tom (www.tombird.co.uk) is an author, trainer and keynote speaker who works internationally and specialises in all aspects of influencing, presenting and business development.

He has been designing and delivering training, writing business books and speaking at conferences since 2001 and prior to that had a 12 year career in a number of sales and business leadership roles including sales director of Northern Europe and vice president of European operations for both US and European based hitech companies. These roles gave Tom significant practical sales, leadership and management experience and a real credibility and empathy with participants and the challenges they face in their daily roles and in how they approach influencing others.


His corporate clients include Burberry, Sodexo, Toyota, Aviva, The North Face and IBM and he also works with a number of professional firms including PwC, DLA Piper and Eversheds. His training work focuses on providing practical techniques and approaches with an emphasis on the behavioural and psychological aspects of influencing that can be applied in a wide range of situations and contexts.


As a speaker, Tom’s style is engaging, interactive and credible covering well researched and useful content but in a way that can be easily consumed by the audience. The practical nature of the content means that individuals can immediately apply the concepts he covers back in the workplace.


He is co-author of the best–selling sales book Brilliant Selling which was published by Pearsons in 2009, has sold over 75,000 copies, been translated into 12 languages worldwide and is currently an Amazon Best Seller in its class. His second book, The Financial Times Guide to Business Training was published in 2013. His third book, “The C3 Model of Influencing™ Field Guide”, was published in May 2014 and received an ‘Honourable Mention’ at the 2014 London Book Festival. His latest book, “The Leaders Guide to Presenting” was published in 2017 and won its category at the Business Book of the Year Awards.


Tom holds business & finance qualifications from Kingston Business School as well as a postgraduate diploma in Coaching & Development from the University of Portsmouth. He is also a Master practitioner of NLP. He divides his time between being developing presentation, influencing and selling skills and running a gin distillery based in Surrey (www.sandhillsdistillery.com)


Tom lives in Godalming with his wife and two children. Outside of his work, gin and family his interests include good food and music.


Biz conference



"Effective Influencing – How to be more influential in any situation"



Each of us spends some 23 minutes of every hour during our working day trying to move, or influence, people (source: Qualtrix). For a skill that is so critical to your role and is the focus of almost half of your working day, how much time have you spent thinking about how you influence?

In this 45 minute practical workshop, Tom Bird will outline a model that will enable you to influence more effectively in any situation and help ensure you get the outcomes that you want from your interactions. Based on what highly successful sales people do, the model is transferable to any influencing application – internal to your business or externally facing as in sales.

Why are some people more naturally influential in their face-to-face communications than others? Based on the research carried out for his 2009 Best Selling Sales Book ‘Brilliant Selling’ the session will focus on how our communication style unconsciously influences others. It will reveal how highly effective influencers communicate differently and will provide practical tips on how to adapt how we communicate to maximise our influence – whether in a 1:1 meeting, a group meeting or a large presentation. The session will draw on practical psychology as well as recent research into gender differences and provide participants with a new way of thinking about how they influence.


The model, called the ‘C3 Model of Influencing™’ has been taught all around the world and has been very well received by senior professionals. Tom’s style of delivery will ensure that the session will be enjoyable, interactive and highly practical.

As a result of attending the session, participants will:

• Understand the key conscious and unconscious markers of influence and how to demonstrate these easily;

• Learn how highly effective influencers adapt their communication style to achieve their outcomes;

• Have practical tips and approaches they can apply in any situation to improve their influence.