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We went LIVE discussing mental health and wellbeing in the time of COVID

On Thursday 7th May, we went LIVE discussing mental health and wellbeing in the time of Covid. Joined by Jacky Power, Psychotherapist, Poet and Addictions Specialist, Aga Kehinde, Registered Nurse at RSCH and EFT Practioner and Rebecca Trudgett, Business Advisor and Founder of Switchfoot Accounting we had a candid conversation about learning to cope with the ups and downs of the coronacoaster and practical things you can do to feel more in control life and business.

We went LIVE with Fleur Emery & Stephanie Davies!

On Friday 24th April we went LIVE on Zoom to speak to Fleur Emery- Start-up expert, thought leader, and content creator, and Stephanie Davies who is the founder and CEO of Laughology, and we had a candid conversation about some of the good stuff that's happening as a result of the virus shaped elephant in the room.

All hail community!! (ft Lucy Werner)

We're joined in the studio by Lucy Werner, author of bestseller 'Hype Yourself: A no-nonsense PR toolkit for small businesses' and she discusses what her online community means to her, and the ladies chime to discuss what community actually means to them, their business and their personal lives.

What's the deal with independent retail? (ft Claire Leigh)

On this episode, we talk about independent retail, how are they surviving? What do they do to stay relevant? How do you get online shoppers to get into the shops instead? We have Claire Leigh in the studio from Two Ducks Ltd and she speaks on her experience being on the high street and offers her advice! Follow Two Ducks on Instagram @twoduckslifestyle

How to stay relevant! (ft Sam Farrow)

On this episode of Taboo and Lemonade, we discuss how to stay relevant in your field and we're joined by Sam Farrow who has over 30 years’ experience in the graphic design industry. She’s spent most of her career at the coalface, working as a professional graphic designer before being appointed Senior Designer at Meridian Television. In 2003 she returned to the private sector as a creative director, before launching her own graphic design and marketing agency - a specialist team which shares her passion for design and dedication to producing top-quality creative work, not to mention her wicked sense of humour!

How to hustle online without losing your soul (ft Varian- Barry)

On this episode of Taboo, we're joined by influencer Varian-Barry to talk about how to hustle online without losing your soul. An honest and frank conversation about the reality of being an influencer and how she finds the confidence to build an authentic and successful business based on her 'life behind the scenes. Follow Eimear on Instagram @eimearvarianbarry and of course, we're also on Instagram @tabooandlemonade

Parenting is the toughest and most effective leadership course! (ft Sally Page)

On this episode, we're joined by Sally Page, and we discuss how parenting is the toughest and most effective leadership course you can go on - and how to use it to BOOST your career! Follow sally on Insta @bravevperfect and of course, we're also now on instagram @tabooandlemonade - join us!

How to NOT to quit your job! (ft Gaynor Arnold)

On this episode of Taboo and Lemonade, we're joined by Gaynor Arnold who discusses how to find meaning through your work and how to not quit your job. We also discuss the latest with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and our thoughts around how they chose to quit their roles, and how that applies from a business perspective.

Business and Divorce (ft Laura Nasser and Tosh Brittan)

On this episode, we're joined by family lawyer Laura Nasser who talks about National Divorce Day and why it's becoming a 'thing' and, what really happens when you're going through a divorce, and business is involved. We're also joined by Divorce Goddess, Tosh Brittan A leading coach specialising in transforming the divorce and separation experience through the use of mindfulness.

Taboo and Lemonade: Work with YOUR flow! (ft Karen Skidmore)

On this episode of Taboo and Lemonade, the ladies sit down with writer, podcaster and business growth coach, Karen Skidmore! They talk about business growth, managing yourself, burnout, marketing with your menstrual cycle, energy flow and much more!

Taboo and Lemonade: Bullying or banter? (Ft Anonymous caller)

We're back from the half term and since it's anti-bullying week we're talking about the recent headlines you might have seen in the world of social media influencers AND we also have a caller who chose to remain anonymous talk about her experience on workplace bullying and how far it went.

Taboo and Lemonade: WIB Expo, we found the people you NEED to know!

The WIB Expo was a great success, we had great conversations, the atmosphere was positive and ever so promising! Just like most Expo's if you blink, you might miss something or someone! That's where we come in, on this episode, we're giving you highlights from the people we feel you NEED to know... Enjoy!

Taboo and Lemonade: Diversity and inclusion; It's really not so black and white! (Ft Kimberley Nasuna)

We're halfway through black history month, and although we're aware of black history, what's REALLY happening in the present? Join Bev, Liana and Helen discuss Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace in real-time! They're also joined by Eagle Radio producer, Kimberley Nasuna and she talks about her experience of what it's like being the only black person... In the workplace and what she would like more employers to be aware of.

Taboo and Lemonade: How do I REALLY support my colleague with ill Mental Health? (Ft Jo Gee)

We're all aware of Mental Health by now, but what happens when your colleague is struggling, how do YOU help them? Join Bev, Liana, and Helen as they discuss Mental Health in a more realistic way. Textbook aside, what do you really do when you notice something isn't quite right? They're joined by therapist Jo Gee from The Luna Hive!

Taboo and Lemonade: INFLUENCER MARKET-ING (Ft Sara McCorquodale)

Social media is bursting with influencers, we've all seen one, watched one, or maybe, even know one! Join us as we discuss influencer marketing with special guest Sara McCorquodale who is the CEO of CORQ, an independent intelligence platform that combines journalistic insight with data analysis to help you make the best possible decisions in the world of influencer marketing.

Money, money, money! (Ft Emilie Bellet)

Taboo and Lemonade: Money, money, money! (Ft Emilie Bellet)

On this week's episode, Bev, Liana, and Helen talk about MONEY! They get HONEST about their personal relationship with money and, they're also joined by Emilie Bellet, founder of Vestpod, who discusses money management and her new book 'You're not broke, you're pre-rich'.

AGEISM (ft Ceri Wheeldon & Simon Rose)

Taboo and Lemonade: AGEISM ft Ceri Wheeldon & Simon Rose

On this week's episode of Taboo and Lemonade we speak about ageism! We're joined by Ceri Wheeldon, founder of Fab After Fifty and Eagle Radio drive time presenter, Simon Rose and they get REAL about this taboo subject!

Feeling the BURN(Out) (ft Emily Hodge)

Taboo and Lemonade: Feeling the BURN(OUT) ft Emily Hodge

It's September, schools are open, you want to feel hopeful, but instead, you're exhausted, demotivated and plain TIRED! Are you feeling the burn(out)? The ladies are back to talk about what you might be a little scared to admit. Mindfulness coach, Emily Hodge speaks up on classic burnout and how to go about it.

Let's Call it 'Liberated  Working' (ft Fleur Bennett)

Taboo and Lemonade: Let's call it 'Liberated Working' ft Fleur Bennett

On this week's episode of Taboo and Lemonade, Bev, Liana, and Helen discuss flexible working, tick box culture, presenteeism and they're also joined on the line by Fleur Bennett who has had a variety of experiences around flexible working in the tech industry at a senior level and also reporting up, Fleur discusses the reality of a tickbox culture vs an authentic culture and more!

Social Media vs Your Business (ft Emma Reed)

Taboo and Lemonade

Taboo and Lemonade: Social Media vs Your Business? Ft Emma Reed

Join Bev, Liana and Helen discuss the impact of social media on business, and they're joined on the line by Emma Reed from 'Emma Shoe' who is a Personal Stylist who left social media because of the pressures to her business; Emma tells her story and shares what she has since found since leaving and returning and has some valuable advice for you.

Taboo and Lemonade: Don't hate the gender hate the game? Ft Adam Morris

On this weeks episode of #TabooAndLemonade, Bev, Liana, and Helen discuss GENDER, everything taboo attached to it, and Eagle Radio's Adam Morris steps in to discuss 'locker room' talk and much more!

Taboo and Lemonade: F for Failure?

On this week's episode, Bev, Liana, and Helen discuss failure, they talk about 'GREAT' failures, why we're really afraid to fail and they reveal their very personal failures. One thing is for sure, there's at least one thing you'll relate to on this podcast!

Taboo and Lemonade: What even is ambition?

Taboo and Lemonade is back! Join Beverley Hunter, Liana Fricker, and Helen Martin as they discuss all thing AMBITION, what even is ambition?

Taboo and Lemonade: Why don't we talk about Mental Health? Ft Wendy Addison

A new podcast to Biz Surrey and Hampshire where Eagle Radio's Beverley Hunter, Culture Champion Helen Martin and Founder of The Inspiration Space, Liana Fricker tackle tough business topics... With humor! The first episode kicks off on Mental Health Awareness Week as Wendy Addison as our guest!

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