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Speakers Corner

A Woking fish and chip shop is appealing for support to stop its demolition.

 Ye Olde Fishmarket faces being knocked down if plans to widen Guildford Road go ahead and is calling on the public to keep the bulldozers away.

Several other shops along Guildford Road face the same fate including a hair salon of more than 40 years.

Michael Hales, who has run the Ye Olde Fishmarket for the past six years, said:

"The feedback we're getting from customers is that they don't want it to happen. Woking's just getting massive, it's just getting really huge, skyrises everywhere. It's got to stop somewhere."

"It's really difficult because it puts you on the spot when customers are asking, we don't know - nobody knows."

 Michael says he is aiming to get 1,000 signatures on their in-store petition before the consultation ends on Wednesday 24 October.

The plans by Woking Borough Council, which also include changes to Victoria Road an Station Approach, are still at the proposal stage and you can have your say online.

Ye olde fish market

Ye olde fish market

Speakers Corner: Appeal to save Woking fish and chip shop from demolition

Josh Kerr spoke to Michael Heales from 'Fishmarket' fish and chip shop in Woking on his appeal to save his shop from demolition

Closing down shop


It's no secret that there's a lot of concern over business rates in Guildford, not just for bigger retailers who are also vanishing from our high street, but especially for SME's who've been part of the town for years, who've established themselves on the high street and feel part of the brick that holds their business, what happens to them when they can't just shut down and rely on another franchise to hold them up while they figure out what town they'd like to explore next? Can they make a claim? Are the rates for SME's the same as established franchises? Here is what you need to know... 

Biz spoke to Nigel Manning, lead member for finance and assets at Guildford Borough Council.

Here is some information on rate relief and appeals, click here

Speakers Corner: Business Rates In Guildford, Explained.

Biz spoke to councilor Nigel Manning, Lead Member for Finance And Assets at Guildford Borough Council on the business rates crippling businesses that are causing them to shut down.

Community Play Area, Old Dean

Biz spoke to Tara Gibbons who is actively trying to raise money for the Community Play Area which looks tired, isn't safe and isn't an environment that promotes activity, safety or fun for the kids in the neighborhood. 

Tara Gibbons is looking for all businesses, groups, churches, and schools on/involved in the Old Dean to offer their time to run a stall of some sort and/or do a display. You can promote your business as much as you like and all profits go towards the play area.  

The community day is on September 15th 12-3pm at Wimbledon Road recreation ground on the Old Dean.

If your business would like to get involved, please get in touch at playground@olddean.com

old dean play area

old dean play area

Speakers Corner: Display your business for free on community day to help fund-raise for the play area.

Biz spoke to Tara Gibbons, who is calling all businesses, groups, churches, and schools on/involved in the Old Dean to offer their time to run a stall of some sort and/or do a display. You will be are able to promote your business as much as you like all profits to be put towards the play area.

Celebration Cakes

Celebration Cakes, Cranleigh

If you frequent Cranleigh, you'd be familiar with Celebration Cakes being a baker that has always been there and is part of the blueprint of the town center.

How would you feel if the shops that you've grown with suddenly start to disappear and seem like a distant nostalgic memory? Biz caught up with Simon Cornwell, owner of Celebration Cakes and he spoke about why he is so passionate about people continuing to support local businesses; you might be passionate about your high street, but will the next generation inherit that passion too? 

If this is a topic that you're equally as passionate about, we'd like to hear from you, join our discussion on twitter.

Here is what Simon said:

Speakers Corner: Simon Cornwell, Celebration Cakes, Passionate About Protecting Local Business

Biz spoke to Simon Cornwell from Celebration Cakes in Cranleigh about why he is so passionate about people supporting local businesses and what it means for the younger generation.

Big Fry Fish and Chips

Big Fry Fish And Chips, Egham 

Mark Sullivan turned up to open shop one morning and found his customer parking had been marked with yellow lines, Mark spoke to Biz on his frustration with yellow lines and taxi ranks. Mark is currently still battling this issue 4 years on and feels that council's don't consider or inform businesses before they make drastic decisions that affect a business; on the first week of yellow lines outside his business, Mark lost 15% of his trade.

Listen to what Mark had to say on this ongoing battle in Egham. We'd like to hear from you. Have you faced this challenge? Is it still ongoing or have you managed to tackle it and how? Join our twitter discussion @bizsurreyhants

Speakers Corner: Mark Sullivan from Egham on double yellow lines

Speakers Corner- Mark Sullivan speaks to Biz on his frustration at his business in Egham on double yellow lines and taxi ranks outside his business.

Paul Turner

A. Turner & Sons Butchers, Aldershot.

Turner butchers is a local business that has been running for over 50 years. Paul Turner spoke to Biz at his butchers in Aldershot which he co-owns with his brother Kevin. Paul spoke about why local businesses need to be supported again and how local businesses should change their approach to the relationships they have with their customers and bring back the pride in shopping locally. 

Let's Talk Business: Paul Turner On Supporting Local Business

Paul Turner from Turners Butchers in Aldershot spoke to Biz on why local businesses need to be supported.


Ben's Records, Guildford.

Ben from Ben’s Records in Guildford is a business owner who is frustrated by business rates and how they’re crippling him, he feels after 25 years of “survival”  he’s being badly done.

Ben spoke to Biz Surrey and Hampshire at his shop in Tunsgate in Guildford, a shop with a nostalgic aura filled with classic vinyl and full of character.

Speakers Corner: Bens Records in Guildford

Ben from Ben’s Records in Guildford is highly frustrated by the crippling business rates in Guildford.

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