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Branston Adams Tax Accountancy: 'Three things'

Branston Adams owner Paul Adams, chats to CMPP founder Tracy Jarvis, about three things that have influenced her career so far

Hybrid office of the future could lead to an increase in e-crime

Advice on avoiding cyber attacks from Zeki Turedi, e-crime expert at Crowdstrike

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy: 'Three things'

Branston Adams owner Paul Adams, chats to local businessman Tony Knights, about three things that have influenced his career so far.

How to effectively manage remote teams

Desiree Anderson, founder and coach at Crest Caching and HR shares effective tips on how to successfully manage remote teams

Simon Cook, ACC UK Ltd - Entrepreneur of the Year

Simon Cook, ACC UK Ltd, talks about being crowned Entrepreneur of the Year

Redundancy during Covid-19 - What You Need To Know

Alistair McArthur, of law firm Herrington Carmichael gives redundancy advice for employers and employees during Covid-19

Paul Devoy

Paul Devoy talks about workforce wellbeing

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy: 'Three things'

Branston Adams owner Paul Adams, interviews Eagle Radio's Peter Gordon, about three things that have influenced his career so far

Jen Clay

Jen Clay gives her advice on supporting mental health in the workplace

Martine Robins

Martine Robins talks about going back to work as lockdown eases

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy: 'Three things'

Branston Adams owner Paul Adams, interviews Eagle Radio Managing Director Paul Marcus, about three things that have influenced his career so far.

How are businesses coping with COVID-19 and what should they be focussing on to survive?

How are businesses coping with COVID-19 and what should they be focussing on to survive? Professor Tazeeb Rajwani (Surrey Business School) airs his thoughts.

Social Entrepreneur, Stephen Page, discusses lessons that can be learned through local community engagement.

This Podcast features Eagle Radio MD Paul Marcus in conversation with Stephen Page, one of the many Social Entrepreneurs to step forward during the Coronavirus pandemic and use his skills and contacts to support medical staff at Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford. This interview explores the thought processes and business lessons that can be learned through local community engagement and in particular, the art of collaboration.

Tony Knights from The Knights Group discusses the impact on business during this pandemic!

Camberley based entrepreneur , Tony Knights in conversation with Paul Marcus discussing the impact on business of the Corona virus pandemic. The Knights Group includes Knights Security that were due to support major events such Wimbledon and Euros 2020. Tony also updates us on The knights Charity Foundation and how Knights Training Academy are using technology to continue with delivering services.

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy:The challenges of leading a business whilst in self-isolation!

An update from local business owner Paul Adams on the challenges of leading a business whilst in self-isolation (Paul suffers from Asthma). In conversation with Eagle Radio Managing Director (and old school friend) Paul Marcus, we hear from Paul about the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on his business and the challenges faced by local companies that Branston Adams continues to support.This podcast offers a personal insight from one of the area well-known and popular characters in the business community.

Let's Talk: How are some of the Eagle staff getting on WFH?

How are the Eagle staff getting on WFH? We speak to Peter Gordon from the Peter Gordon Breakfast Show, Kate Dixon who is a Media Executive and Alex Glover who is a Content Producer.


The Covid-19 outbreak has touched the lives of everyone across England. It therefore comes as no surprise that the pandemic is having a huge effect on Brits’ mental wellbeing, with many feeling worried, anxious or isolated during these challenging times. We speak to Dr Max Pemberton who talks about how to prioritise your Mental Health and actually stay positive during this period.

£500 grant immediately available to those impacted negatively by the Coronavirus!

People in financial crisis caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic will receive immediate help in the form of a cash grant, thanks to the launch of an emergency coronavirus grant fund by national poverty charity, Turn2us. We speak to Thomas Lawson, CEO of Turn2Us

Let's Talk: How safe is ZOOM after Singapore ban it's use?

David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky spoke to Biz on the safety of platforms like Zoom after Singapore banned its use because of a distressing 'zoombombing' incident in which obscene images appeared on screen in front of children during a home-based lesson.

Let's Talk: How to shop locally and support artisans during lockdown

Lisa Miles-Heal is the Chief Operating Officer at goodproductsmatter.com spoke to Biz about how you can shop locally from craft beer to ethical tea during the lockdown.

Get your business involved in working in partnership with Woking College

Bret Freeman, Principal at Woking College speaks to Paul Marcus, Managing Director at Eagle Radio on how you could get your business involved with Woking College.

How is Eagle Radio working from home? (ft Paul Marcus)

Paul Marcus, Managing Director of Eagle Radio, speaks to Kimberley Nasuna on how Eagle Radio as a business is managing!

Louise Punter, Chief Executive of Surrey Chambers explains Furlough!

Louise Punter, Chief Executive of Surrey Chambers speaks to Peter Gordon and Beverley Hunter about Furlough

Let's Talk: eBay is giving SME's free access to trade and NO fees!

Rob Hattrell, eBay UK vice president, speaks on the initiative and what it means for small independent retailers and the economy.

Support Surrey Drive to donate a hot meal to staff at Royal Surrey County Hospital!

Would you like to donate a hot meal to a nurse, doctor, paramedic, porter and the support staff down at Royal Surrey? Your donation will go towards feeding our NHS staff a wonderful, nutritious meal after an exceedingly tough shift.

Let's Talk: Working from home with kids!

It's one thing working from home alone, or with your S/O, but what about with kids? Rebecca Neweham, owner of Get Ahead VA speaks to Biz on a few tips you might find useful as we're settling into self isolation and Working from Home!

Let's Talk: HOW to Work from Home when you're not used to it! (ft Rebecca Newenham)

Biz caught up with Rebecca Newenham, Owner of 'Get Ahead VA' a company that provides the business support you need from virtual assistants to holiday cover for your business to even managing your social media. Rebecca has been working from home since 2010 and gives us some tips on how to work from home when you're not used to it!

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy: Budget Day results

Paul Adams from Branston Adams speaks to Biz on the Budget Day results and what they mean for local businesses!

Let's Talk: Join the 28 day No Smoking challenge!

Today marks this year’s National No Smoking Day, we caught up with One You Surrey to find out what support is available in the workplace.

Let's Talk: UK start-ups set for a record 2020!

Pauline Green - Payroll Lead at Intuit QuickBooks speaks to Biz on the latest report that forecasts 30% increase in people planning to start a new business this year and how registrations expected to rise to 1.8m. You can find more on this latest report on the Biz website.

Let's Talk: Lack of knowledge puts promising potentials off police work?

Salome Verrell, Senior Tutor at ULAW speaks to Biz on how lack of knowledge is putting promising potentials off police work and she speaks on this new report. How many people consider policing? Why aren't more people interested? WHY you should consider a job in policing and how many different career paths are within law enforcement!

Let's Talk: How to use technology to bring people back to the high street!

Julian Fisher is the founder and CEO of jisp, a lifestyle app that digitises products and experiences to bring the best of online into physical spaces. He speaks to Biz on the current problems on the High Street, why retail is suffering and, how businesses can and should use tech to bring their customers in to the stores!

Let's Talk: Coronavirus Business Advice

Louise Punter form Surrey Chambers gives advice to businesses on how to deal with Coronavirus.

Let's Talk: Online learning boosts average UK annual pay by £3,640

10% of the UK’s total economic output linked to online learning and More than three quarters of people who learn online (77%) say it’s beneficial to their mental health. We speak to Katie O’Donovan, Head of Public Policy for Google UK on the reality of this, and how easy is it to do?

Guildford College: Focus on T Levels and employer engagement!

Guildford College stopped by to discuss T Levels and employer engagement. We're joined by Boyd Hatwood who discusses the issues employers are facing and explains what T Levels are all about!

Let's Talk: Get your business involved with the Surrey Scorchers basketball team!

Are you a business based in Surrey and keen to get involved in sport and helping young children? Surrey Scorchers are hosting a networking event on 11th March to tell people how to get involved. Hear from the coach and find out how your business can get involved, and why!

Let's Talk: RTT therapy; helping business professionals overcome their fear of public speaking FAST!

RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) Therapist Janet Gabriel stopped by to discuss RTT Therapy and how she uses it to help business professionals overcome their fear of public speaking by getting to the root cause of their fear and finding the solution.

ramsac: 'Demystifying the Cloud' how are you working?

James Haigh, Relationship Director at ramsac stopped by to talk about Demystifying the Cloud. Is your business cloud working? Why is it so good for new business? Flexible working and computing on the cloud. We touch on this and more!

Let's Talk: 'Topic of Cancer' needs you!

Kim Ronaldson who is Chair and Trustee of Guildford based Cancer Charity 'Topic of Cancer' stops by to talk about raising funds and awareness of new cures for cancer using immunotherapy and check point inhibitors. Are you aware of this local charity?

Let's Talk: Diversity without inclusion is a dangerous illusion (ft Richard Maybury and Charlotte Valeur)

Achieving successful diversity in business is more a function of ‘Leadership maturity’ than staff hiring and promotion practices! More about embracing Humanity than enacting HR policies. Hear from Richard Maybury, Chair of the Institute of Directors in Surrey and Charlotte Valeur, Chair of the IoD internationally on this!

Investment in least innovative regions could boost productivity and deliver £106 billion?

New Virgin Money and Cebr study suggests investment in UK’s least innovative regions could boost productivity and deliver £106 billion uplift in GDP. UK’s entrepreneurs concentrated in London, the south and central England but strong levels of innovation in other regions also cause for optimism

Surrey Chambers of Commerce 25th Birthday!

As Surrey Chambers celebrates their 25th Birthday, we speak to CEO Louise Punter and Marketing Manager, Hannah Joslyn on what plans they have going forward, and of course... To celebrate!

PMQT2: How does a leader create their workplace identity? (ft Gareth Davies)

Paul Marcus in conversation with Gareth Davies, a former firearms police officer and now business coach and co-partner of The Bravest Path. Paul Marcus in conversation with Surrey and Hampshire-based, business leaders. What can we learn from our past? How does it shape our careers? How do leaders create their workplace identity and how do their personal values influence their work?

PMQT2: Mind the generation gap! (ft Alice Sunday, Matthew Funnel, Ben Lyon & Alex Glover)

(Mind) the generation gap - a conversation looking at the expectations, hopes & aspirations of rising talent in the workplace. We hear personal insights around personal motivation and purpose; flexible working and work/life balance.

Let's Talk: GEN Z's career aspirations revealed (ft Richard Hamer & Khadijah Ismail)

Joining us to discuss this research is Richard Hamer, BAE Systems Education and Skills Director who will be available to discuss the Company’s apprenticeship opportunities, why BAE Systems plans to recruit more than 800 this year, and why a career in engineering is a viable option for young people. Alongside Richard is BAE Systems apprentice, Khadijah Ismail, who is available for interview on her experiences as an apprentice.

Eagle Biz Brexit Special: Listen again

Listen back to our Eagle Biz Brexit Special that streamed LIVE on Facebook. Join our hosts Peter Gordon and Beverley Hunter with as they discuss with Linda Bazant, Cliff Alum & Paul Scott on how businesses in Surrey and Hampshire should be preparing for Brexit.

Let's Talk: Securing funding for start-ups is easier than knowing how to spend it?

When it comes to starting and growing a business, securing funding and enough working capital is essential. However, raising money can be less of a problem for new business owners than knowing how to spend it, according to new research! We speak to Darren Upson from Soldo discuss the research and how start-ups can best spend their funds to grow the company.

Let's Talk: How knock backs set you up for career success! (ft Emma Gannon)

British workers have an average of four career knock-backs before finding total job satisfaction Most common setbacks are being rejected after an interview (48%) and falling out with bosses (42%). Emma Gannon speaks to Biz to discuss the survey findings, her new podcast and her own extensive research on the fast-changing world of work

CMPP: Corporate Volunteering opportunities CMPP offer!

Rachel Austen & Emma Thompson pass by to talk about the CMPP Corporate Volunteering opportunities and they answer some questions including what they offer and what are the real benefits to it!

Let's Talk: Dear Gig Economy worker, are YOU covered?

Over a fifth of gig economy workers (21%) said they have taken out a payday loan to make ends meet, 14% have gambled to try and win more money, while another 14% have needed to use a food bank. We speak to Kara Gammell on what the solutions are!

Let's Talk: 66% of people living with epilepsy are currently unemployed!

145,000 people with epilepsy of working age are currently not in employment despite many of them actively seeking work. Philip Lee, Chief Executive, Epilepsy Action answers some pressing questions, including WHY the unemployment rate is why and WHY employers are so hesitant!

project five: Support our Account Manager, Andy Clewes walk the length of the Green Mile in Cyprus!

project five Client Account Manager, Andy, is walking the length of the Green Mile in Cyprus (over 120 miles) in 5 days, following the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) from West to East, to raise money for 3 charities - Royal Signals Benevolent Funds, Help4Heroes and a local cancer charity in Cyprus called Tulips. As an ex-squaddie, these charities are close to his heart. Each day will be spent trekking and camping across the Trudos mountains, ending on the beach south of Famagusta. He'll be carrying everything with him for the trip, approx 30kg plus water - so it won't be a walk in the park! We'd love to help Andy spread the word and raise money for this amazing challenge.

Taboo and Lemonade: WE'VE MOVED

Due to popular demand, Taboo and Lemonade has now moved to its own space! You can now find us on iTunes and Spotify by searching "Taboo and Lemonade". The newest episodes on 'Divorce and Business' and 'How NOT to quit your job' are already there! We've been able to move out on our own thanks to you for liking, sharing and subscribing to us!

Let's Talk: SME decision makers wasting 30% of their time?

Research reveals that decision makers and senior management at small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are spending 30% of their working day doing tasks that don’t contribute to their bottom line (i.e. admin) Based on the average weekly hours an SME decision maker works, this equates to a total of 12 hours per week. We speak to Oliver Prill (CEO, Tide.co and he offers his suggestions.

Let's Talk: Unhappy workers pledge to start new year with a new job!

Stress is a key issue for employees and despite growing awareness and appreciation of mental health and its associated issues, 77% of employees feel stressed while 64% said that their sleep was affected with the same number saying work followed them home.

Let's Talk: Latest SME confidence health check (ft Sue Douthwaite &Pablo Shah)

Despite an intense political climate and uncertain economic ground over the third quarter of this year, what is the SME climate right now? Hear from Sue Douthwaite, Small and Medium Business Director at Virgin Money & Pablo Shah – Economist, Centre for Economics and Business Research on what the latest statistics are.

Let's Talk: How Cash-strapped Consumers can avoid festive overspend!

Almost 9.1 million struggled financially after last Christmas with a further 5.1 million having to resort to digging deep into their overdraft facility and an additional 3.5 million being plunged into severe debt. Join Alexis Conran as he discusses how you can avoid overspend during this festive period.

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy: Financial Planning going into the new year

Paul Adams from Branston Adams and Mark Raybould from Northwood Wealth Management discuss the benefits of early planning, lifetime tax, and financial modeling.

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy: What we're doing this Xmas!

Paul Adams from Branston Adams and Amber Philpott discuss what's happening this Christmas at Branston Adams, what they're getting involved with, and how you can join them!

Let's Talk: Meet Surrey based Brian McBride who was chairman of ASOS, Amazon UK and now Trainline PLC!

Meet Brian McBride who was chairman of ASOS.com, Amazon UK, and now Chairman of Trainline PLC. He sat down with Beverley Hunter and discussed his inspiring business journey!

Let's Talk: Are Generation Z the saviors of the high street?

High streets up and down the country have seen a steadily declining footfall as many Britons choose the convenience of online shopping. However, the latest figures show that Generation Z – the true digital natives – may actually be the generation to save shopping on the high street. We speak to DANIEL BAILEY – VICE PRESIDENT OF NORTH WEST EUROPE, ZENDESK

PMQT2: The Kindness Economy Pt.1 (ft Tracy Jarvis & Mike Thomason)

As customers challenge the behaviour of national brands and make purchasing decisions based on company`s values and authenticity around CSR -will 2020 see the rise of #TheKindnessEconomy and does this mean local companies in Surrey and Hampshire could see their business thrive and prosper through strong, local community engagement?

Let's Talk: The pressure to please in social situations is costing you this!

Almost three fifths of adults in the UK feel under pressure to overspend in social situations with the most common reasons being that ‘it is easier to go along with it’ and ‘not wanting to appear tight’. So how much is it costing you? Hear from behavioral psychologist Dr. Thomas Webb and Personal Finance Expert Ali Peck from Marcus by Goldman Sachs.

Let's Talk: Myths and misconceptions around Electric Vehicles!

Almost one fifth (18%) of petrol and diesel car owners are put off going electric because they’re worried about driving in adverse weather conditions such as a lighting storm. So, what are the myths and misconceptions around EV's? We speak to Sylvie Childs - Senior Product Manager at Hyundai.

Let's Talk: Hear the Black Friday predictions from Nationwide!

Nationwide is forecasting that bargain-loving Brits will spend more this Black Friday than ever before. We spoke to Mark Nalder, Head of Payment Strategy, Nationwide Building Society.

Taboo and Lemonade: Work with YOUR flow! (ft Karen Skidmore)

On this episode of Taboo and Lemonade, the ladies sit down with writer, podcaster and business growth coach, Karen Skidmore! They talk about business growth, managing yourself, burnout, marketing with your menstrual cycle, energy flow and much more!

Let's Talk: Big data to accelerate journey to net zero emissions from UK dairy farms

Europe’s biggest dairy cooperative aims to create world’s largest farming database to help triple the speed of CO2e reductions on farms over the next ten years. Biz spoke to Graham Wilkinson, Senior Director Agriculture, Arla Foods UK.

Let's Talk: Homeowners could earn £15,150 by renting their homes!

To discuss the best ways to give guests a truly great experience while renting a home and how much money homeowners can make from renting out their properties is A Place In The Sun Presenter Scarlette Douglas.

PMQT2: Flexible working, here to stay or a passing fad? (Ft Tracey Shrimpton & Claire Cable)

Welcome to the first episode of PMQT2 (Paul Marcus Question Time 2) which is a brand new podcast from the Managing Director of Eagle Radio, Paul Marcus. On this episode, we discuss Flexible Working, here to stay, or a passing fad, and we also talk about the 4-day working week. We're joined by Tracy Shrimpton, owner of Sixth Sense Marketing and Claire Cable, who is on the management team at Eagle Radio.

Taboo and Lemonade: Bullying or banter? (Ft Anonymous caller)

We're back from the half term and since it's anti-bullying week we're talking about the recent headlines you might have seen in the world of social media influencers AND we also have a caller who chose to remain anonymous talk about her experience on workplace bullying and how far it went.

Let's Talk:Pension scam, more highly educated people are more at risk!

New analysis finds pension scam victims could lose average of 22 years of savings in 24 hours, we speak to Nicola Parish, Executive Director of Frontline Regulation, The Pensions Regulator on what to look out for and the tactics scammers use.

Let's Talk: Bad bosses and stress causing Brits to consider quitting work!

According to new research commissioned for Stress Awareness Week by not-for-profit organisation Investors in People, around 8-in-10 (79%) people say they have experienced stress at work. More than a third (35%) say they have even considered leaving their current job because of work-related stress. We hear from Paul Devoy, Chief Executive Officer, Investors in People and Gwen Powell, Investors in People Practitioner.

Let's Talk: The rise of the ‘Influencer’ and their secret lives (ft Jo Middleton)

It’s a growing industry and there’s even a chart of the most influential mummy bloggers, some of whom earn millions each year. The top 50 alone have more than 14 million followers and we look to them before making a purchase however trivial and for advice on everything from relationships to holidays and fitness. We hear from Jo Middleton who is an influencer and Ross Furlong from Influbase,

The CMPP Christmas Market!

CMPP Christmas Market on Wednesday 20th November at The Village Hotel in Farnborough. Hear from Anthea Rastall.

Let's Talk: The 'secret' to morning happiness! (ft Linda Blair- Family Psychologist)

Family Psychologist, Linda Blair, who will be on hand to reveal the formula to morning happiness and discuss how family togetherness at breakfast will keep everyone feeling positive throughout the day.

Taboo and Lemonade: WIB Expo, we found the people you NEED to know!

The WIB Expo was a great success, we had great conversations, the atmosphere was positive and ever so promising! Just like most Expo's if you blink, you might miss something or someone! That's where we come in, on this episode, we're giving you highlights from the people we feel you NEED to know... Enjoy!

Taboo and Lemonade: Diversity and inclusion; It's really not so black and white! (Ft Kimberley Nasuna)

We're halfway through black history month, and although we're aware of black history, what's REALLY happening in the present? Join Bev, Liana and Helen discuss Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace in real-time! They're also joined by Eagle Radio producer, Kimberley Nasuna and she talks about her experience of what it's like being the only black person... In the workplace and what she would like more employers to be aware of.

Surrey Chambers of Commerce: BREXIT BOOTCAMB

Biz stopped by for the first Surrey Chambers Brexit Bootcamp which was held at HG WELLS in Woking. Hear from some of the companies who were there to offer quality advice to businesses. The next Brexit Bootcamp will be on 24th October - more details on the events page on the Biz website!

Let's Talk: Stocks and scares- Financial jargon causes stress, anxiety and fear!

New research from a pioneering experiment at Goldsmiths University that used an adaptation of the Emotional Stroop Test found that almost two thirds (62%) of Britons experience a biological stress reaction in response to financial jargon.

Let's Talk: Millennials choose HIRE POWER

From the ability to cancel monthly subscriptions to the chance to ‘rent’ items like cars, tech and clothes; today’s millennial are loaning items and not owning them outright. Three in 10 say this gives them more freedom. Hear from Laura Whitmore.

Let's Talk: Payday splurge leaves Brits with 'rockstar regret'

With a few weeks to go before October payday, some of us may already be looking at our bank accounts wishing we’d not spent quite so much, so soon. Yet, come the end of the month, we’re likely to repeat the same bad habit, splurging instead of saving. We speak to 90's rockstar Chesney Hawkes.

Let's Talk: Brits are wasting the equivalent of a whole month every year checking emails!

Constant emails, calls, meetings and overly chatty colleagues… ever feel like the modern-day workplace simply isn’t built for productivity? And no matter how hard you try; your email inbox never seems to be up to date! What's the solution? Hear from Juliet Landau-Pope and Melissa Talago!

Taboo and Lemonade: How do I REALLY support my colleague with ill Mental Health? (Ft Jo Gee)

We're all aware of Mental Health by now, but what happens when your colleague is struggling, how do YOU help them? Join Bev, Liana, and Helen as they discuss Mental Health in a more realistic way. Textbook aside, what do you really do when you notice something isn't quite right? They're joined by therapist Jo Gee from The Luna Hive!

Biz Award Winners 2019: Paul Adams | Leadership Award

Meet Paul Adams from Branston Adams who won the Leadership Award at the Biz Awards 2019 which was held at the HG Wells Centre in Woking and sponsored by Woking Works.

Biz Award Winners 2019: Adam Burness-Smith | Employee of the Year

Meet Adam Burness- Smith from ramsac who won Employee of the Year at the Biz Awards 2019 which was held at the HG Wells Centre in Woking and was sponsored by Morgan McKinley.

Biz Award Winners 2019: Apps In The Sky | Digital Innovation Award

Meet Apps In The Sky who won the Digital Innovation Award at the Biz Awards 2019 which was held at the HG Wells Centre in Woking and sponsored by Surrey and Hampshire Chamber of Commerce.

Biz Award Winners 2019: Sell Electrical | Customer Focus Award

Meet Sell Electrical who won a Customer Focus Award at the Biz Awards 2019 which was held at the HG Wells Centre in Woking and was sponsored by ProjectFive

Biz Award Winners 2019: Clandon Wood Nature Reserve and Natural Burial Ground | GREEN AWARD

Meet Clandon Wood Nature Reserve and Natural Burial Ground who won the Green Award at the Biz Awards 2019 which was held at the HG Wells Centre in Woking and sponsored by iCs.

Biz Award Winners 2019: Phyllis Tuckwell: Charity/Social Enterprise of the Year

Hear from the Biz Award Charity/Social Enterprise of the Year, Phyllis Tuckwell. This award was sponsored by Kall Kwik, Farnham.

Let's Talk: Susie Dent has some tips on improving your vocabulary!

Susie Dent and Dave Kent join us in the studio to discuss the new findings and how descriptive language and a full vocabulary enriches life for everyone, especially those with sight loss.

Taboo and Lemonade: INFLUENCER MARKET-ING (Ft Sara McCorquodale)

Social media is bursting with influencers, we've all seen one, watched one, or maybe, even know one! Join us as we discuss influencer marketing with special guest Sara McCorquodale who is the CEO of CORQ, an independent intelligence platform that combines journalistic insight with data analysis to help you make the best possible decisions in the world of influencer marketing.

Let's Talk: BNI Camberley are hosting an Expo, hear from the organiser!

The Camberley Group of the Business Network International (BNI) is hosting a fantastic event for local businesses at Camberley Heath Golf Club on 17th October 8-11 am. We speak to the organiser, John Fairley!

It's NEVER too late! Hear from an eighteen-time bestseller, Adele Parks!

Adele Parks sat with Biz and spoke about her success, what it takes to become an eighteen- time best selling author, the jobs she did before finally following her dreams, why students shouldn't be too worried about their careers, balancing your dream with your day job, her NEW book 'Lies, lies, lies' and much more!

Let's Talk: SME's go under in the first 3 years? Hear from Piers Linney!

Piers Linney is Non-Executive Director for British Business Bank. Prior to this he was former investor on BBC’s Dragons Den for 3 years, and has invested in countless successful business in tech and finance across the UK. In November 2018, he was named in the top 20 of Financial Times’ list of the ‘Top 100 minority ethnic leaders in technology.’ He speaks to Biz on 55% of SME's going under in the first three years and how financial help and advice could be paramount for future success.

Taboo and Lemonade: Money, money, money! (Ft Emilie Bellet)

On this week's episode, Bev, Liana, and Helen talk about MONEY! They get HONEST about their personal relationship with money and, they're also joined by Emilie Bellet, founder of Vestpod, who discusses money management and her new book 'You're not broke, you're pre-rich'.

Let's Talk: Happy Birthday to Aldershot's longest surviving shop!

Edgar Jerome Ltd, of Wellington street, Aldershot’s longest surviving shop, Est 1923, is having a little celebration in town on Saturday 21st September to mark John Jerome’s 50 years of service, 1969-2019. We spoke to John and asked him how he has survived in business for this long, and any advice he would have for upcoming businesses struggling to survive on our high streets!

Let's Talk: Meet 10yr old TEDx Farnham speaker Austėja Neringa!

Meet Austėja Neringa who did the Farnham TEDx Talk titled "Children of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow!" which was a talk about letting children make mistakes. We discuss her TEDx Talk and her mother, Hermoine Williams speaks on her parenting style.

Taboo and Lemonade: AGEISM ft Ceri Wheeldon & Simon Rose

On this week's episode of Taboo and Lemonade we speak about ageism! We're joined by Ceri Wheeldon, founder of Fab After Fifty and Eagle Radio drive time presenter, Simon Rose and they get REAL about this taboo subject!

Surrey Chambers of Commerce: OUR NEW APP HAS ARRIVED!

Surrey Chambers of Commerce have launched their brand new app, Collude! We speak to Emily from Surrey Chambers and Nicki Wusche on the new app and how it will benefit YOU!

ramsac: The use of BYOD and MDM in your business!

ramsac Relationship Director, James Haigh stopped by to discuss BYOD which stands for Bring Your Own Device which refers to a scheme or policy where a company or organisation allows personally owned devices to connect to their corporate network.

Real Learning: Top reasons for not listening!

Dave Nyss from Real Learning speaks on the top reasons people don't listen, from jargon to being scared to ask questions to understand. How can we be better listeners? Here is what he advised!

Let's Talk: Hear from Etsy Managing Director on microbusinesses flourishing!

Today, more people than ever work independently, combine income from multiple sources, and pursue work they are passionate about. As the future for work is becoming more flexible in the UK, many are choosing to start their own microbusinesses. So why are small independent businesses flourishing in the UK? Here to tell us more is the UK Managing Director of Etsy, Annette Picardo.

Taboo and Lemonade: Feeling the BURN(OUT) ft Emily Hodge

It's September, schools are open, you want to feel hopeful, but instead, you're exhausted, demotivated and plain TIRED! Are you feeling the burn(out)? The ladies are back to talk about what you might be a little scared to admit. Mindfulness coach, Emily Hodge speaks up on classic burnout and how to go about it.

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy: Dying without a will

Paul Adams from Branston Adams stopped by to discuss what happens if you die without a will and gives some valuable advice.

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy: Starting a business?

Paul Adams from Branson Adams stopped by to give useful tips that you might need if you're thinking about starting a business!

Women in Business Expo: Women in Franchise Business ft Anytime Fitness

Biz spoke to Neil from Anytime Fitness UK who is a sponsor at the Women in Business Expo, Neil talks about the rise of Franchising among women and has some advice and information that will be helpful if you are thinking about starting a Franchise Business.

Let's Talk: The Teddy Bear Appeal, you in?

The Knights Foundation are thrilled to launch the new Teddy Bear Appeal, to raise funds to give children within our community the opportunity to have a family break in the fully accessible holiday lodge. We spoke to CEO of The Knights Foundation, Nicky Banger and CEO of Apps in the Sky, Thom Gibbons.

Meet Biz Breakfast speaker, Karen Skidmore!

She’s survived burnout herself and now works with service professionals, experts, and business leaders to create the right infrastructure, systems, and team to grow their business, purposefully and profitably

Let's Talk: Get to know Zurich Community Trust!

Zurich in the UK delivers its community programmes in the UK through the Zurich Community Trust which is an independent charity. The ZCT gets around £2.5m per year through a gift of profit from the UK business. The ZCT is divided between its strategic funding programmes and its employee charity fund, Zurich Cares. We speak to Karen Nunn, Business Manager at Zurich Municipal and Work Skills Programme Coordinator and Rachel Beddis, Marketing & Communications Manager at ZCT.

Let's Talk: Meet your back to work stylist, Emma Shoe!

Meet Surrey-based stylist Emma Shoe! She speaks to Biz on the reality of having a personal stylist, what to wear to gain your confidence when returning back to work and what you didn't know about being a stylist, we also speak about her experience living in Kenya as a personal stylist!

Let's Talk: Apprenticeships on the rise!

A-Level results are out – and they’re the lowest they have been since 2007. With thousands of students soon to decide their next move, they are faced with many choices: they could go to college, sixth form, university or go straight into a career. But after government support, apprenticeships are on the rise nationwide

Let's Talk: Confidence biggest barrier to women starting a business?

New research has explored the attitudes and barriers that female entrepreneurs face on a regular basis. Confidence affects 6 in 10 of those surveyed as one of the biggest barriers to starting a business, with financial insecurity also being mentioned. 54% of women also single out their lack of knowledge about tax as an obstacle to being an entrepreneur

Let's Talk: 11 million people in the UK have less than £100 in savings ft Curtis Pritchard

To encourage people to stop procrastinating and start saving a little money each month, Nationwide is launching Payday Saveday. This aims to make payday a trigger for people to think about saving whatever amount they can afford and whatever their goals, dreams, age or whoever they wish to save with.

Let's Talk: Still thinking about cycling to work?

Seven years on from 2012, when the Olympics helped cycling sweep through the nation, Brits have fallen behind on their love of cycling. Despite 44% of us owning a bike, only 6% of people currently cycle to work This year, Cyclescheme has partnered with online behaviour change platform and app, Love to Ride. Their mission? To get as many people in their saddles as possible!

Meet TEDx Farnham speaker, Bret Freeman

Meet recent TEDx Farnham speaker Bret Freeman who has more than 25 year’s experience working with large corporations and understands the challenges that many organisations face. With a background in Psychology, Bret is also a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and a certified Master Coach with the ABNLP. He has helped leaders of major global organisations create high growth environments taking their companies to the next level.

Taboo and Lemonade: Let's call it 'Liberated Working' ft Fleur Bennett

On this week's episode of Taboo and Lemonade, Bev, Liana, and Helen discuss flexible working, tick box culture, presenteeism and they're also joined on the line by Fleur Bennett who has had a variety of experiences around flexible working in the tech industry at a senior level and also reporting up, Fleur discusses the reality of a tickbox culture vs an authentic culture and more!

Taboo and Lemonade: Social Media vs Your Business? Ft Emma Reed

Join Bev, Liana and Helen discuss the impact of social media on business, and they're joined on the line by Emma Reed from 'Emma Shoe' who is a Personal Stylist who left social media because of the pressures to her business; Emma tells her story and shares what she has since found since leaving and returning and has some valuable advice for you.

Village Hotel: WHY you should consider leisure membership for your employees!

Danielle Enderson, Director of Sales at the Village Hotel in Farnborough spoke on WHY you should consider leisure membership for your employees and the evidence-based benefits.

ramsac: Tips for successful flexible working and hot-desking!

Head of Client Relations at ramsac, Matt Longman stopped by to give us tips to successful flexible working and hot-desking, tips that are beneficial to a successful business in a progressively tech-savvy world.

Let's Talk: Panic Attacks Due to Absent Colleagues Workloads

Joining us for interview will be Colette Wade, VP Marketing & Business Development at Cornerstone onDemand to emphasize the importance of ensuring smooth workplace transitions during extended absences of employees

Taboo and Lemonade: Don't hate the gender hate the game? Ft Adam Morris

On this weeks episode of #TabooAndLemonade, Bev, Liana, and Helen discuss GENDER, everything taboo attached to it, and Eagle Radio's Adam Morris steps in to discuss 'locker room' talk and much more!

Surrey Chambers of Commerce: Hear from some of the members!

Join the Surrey Chambers of Commerce at one of their events where they mingle and speak to their members about what they like about being a part of the Chambers.

Let's Talk: CEO's at fault for exposing businesses to major cyber risks!

The lack of CEO-specific security plans, failure to comply with plans in place and the growing number of unsecure smart devices in the home and places of travel (such as hotels) means that CEOs and other senior executives are regularly at risk of being targeted by cybercriminal networks, a new piece of research has revealed today.

Taboo and Lemonade: F for Failure?

On this week's episode, Bev, Liana, and Helen discuss failure, they talk about 'GREAT' failures, why we're really afraid to fail and they reveal their very personal failures. One thing is for sure, there's at least one thing you'll relate to on this podcast!

Meet Biz Award 'New Business/Start Up of the Year': My 1st Photos

Meet My 1st Photo's who won New Business/ Start-Up of Year at the Biz Awards 2019 which was held at the HG Wells Centre in Woking.

ramsac: Learn the 4 D's to email management!

Matt Longman, Head of Client Relations at ramsac stopped by to talk about the 4 D's - a useful strategy for triaging and managing emails, so if emails have been a stress for you, here is the solution!

Taboo and Lemonade: What even is ambition?

Taboo and Lemonade is back! Join Beverley Hunter, Liana Fricker, and Helen Martin as they discuss all thing AMBITION, what even is ambition?

HG Wells: 4 things to avoid when booking your Christmas party!

Alicea from HG Wells stopped by to tell us the 4 things to avoid when booking your Christmas party, don't get caught out!

Ward Williams HR: The importance of the induction and onboarding process

Kim Dalton from Ward Williams HR spoke to Biz on the importance of the induction and onboarding process!

Let's Talk: Is your life being ruined by a persistent allergy?

Is your life being ruined by a persistent allergy? We speak to Dr Ellie Cannon on her top tips for you!

Let's Talk: Cyber insurance, is your business covered?

Sole traders and small businesses in particular are being encouraged to better protect themselves against a cyber-attack. 93% of sole traders do not have cyber insurance. The poll found almost half of senior decision makers (46%) said their business has never had cyber insurance when you add the number of 31% who don’t know if they’ve been a victim the figure could be as much as 77%.

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce: E-learning for your business!

David Kemshall, Business Development Manager from Hampshire Chamber of Commerce stopped by to talk about the launch of the E-learning they provide to businesses.

Women in Business Expo: Gender diversity in Cyber Security ft Avast

Stephanie from Avast stopped by to discuss gender diversity and opportunities for women in the Cyber Security world and what we have to look forward to at the Women in Business Expo in October!

Let's Talk: Live from the CMPP Twilight Run Challenge!

MD of Eagle Radio, Paul Marcus caught up with Founder of CMPP, Tracy Jarvis on the Twilight Run Challenge they discussed their involvement with TAG Farnborough Airport and more!

Let's Talk: Have you considered ASMR as a way to relax?

One modern technique is autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR for short. A relatively new creation that describes a feeling of euphoric tingling and relaxation that can come over someone when he or she watches videos or listens to sounds that create a lovely feeling of relaxation. We speak to Emma Kenny and Emma Smith on this.

CMPP: The Twilight Run!

Laura from CMPP stopped by to tell us about the Twilight Run, and how you can get involved.

projectfive IT: Mental Health First Aid with Oakleaf

Suzanne from projectfive IT and Eli from Oakleaf discuss Mental Health First Aid in the workplace.

projectfive IT: Why corporate volunteering is important.

Suzanne from projectfive IT and Laura from CMPP sit down and discuss the benefits of corporate volunteering.

Let's Talk: Would you like to become a Corporate Ambassador?

Guildford Philanthropy aims to bring together local people, businesses and organisations to transform the lives of less fortunate members of our community and address the disadvantage that exists on our doorstep.

Phyllis Tuckwell- Episode 10: So far, here is what the results are - Thanks to you!

Biz spoke to Nick from Phyllis Tuckwell and he spoke to Biz on how the Radiothon went and what they've raised so far!

Let's Talk: Nearly half of Brits 'self medicate' their Mental Health!

The new study by LifeSearch demonstrates the scale of the issue for the first time, showing that nearly half (45%) use coping mechanisms to ‘self-medicate’ for mental health issues, and six in 10 (60%) have done so in the past.

Let's Talk: STILL not accepting card payments? Here's what it's costing the economy!

Research released today from Square reveals human error when counting change is costing UK business owners and the economy an estimated £39 million annually. What’s more, the time spent at banks dealing with cash collectively adds up to over seven million business hours each week.

Let's Talk: Sustainable fashion brand launches in Farnham!

A new sustainable and ethical fashion brand for men, women, and children has launched this week in Farnham. Renewabilitee boasts a fully transparent and traceable supply chain with garments made from certified organic cotton and processed in a factory powered by renewable energy. We spoke to Founder and Owner, Russ Avery

Let's Talk: Guildford Friday Swimmers Receive a Queen's Award for Voluntary Service!

Guildford's Friday Swimmers has today been announced as one of the organisations to receive the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service.

Let's Talk: The average person saves £572 a year?

New research by consumer champions MoneyExpert.com has revealed that 1 in 4 feel worse off this year than they did two years ago. This may be because saving itself has gotten harder: the average Brit only saves £891 a year, with 1 in 5 not putting any money at all aside for a rainy day.

Let's Talk: Diversity struggle in the Auto industry!

The auto repair centres of the future will have more female workers, use holograms and robotic assistants, but the industry is currently facing a diversity struggle, with just a quarter of Brits (26%) and less than one in five women (19%) considering a job in a car garage.

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy- Walking 12 miles for Phyllis Tuckwell

Paul Adams from Branston Adams stopped by to talk about why he personally chose to walk 12miles for Phyllis Tuckwell.

Let's Talk: Why are small businesses missing out on funding?

The latest report from leading small business loans platform Funding Circle and Oxford Economics, ‘The Big Business of Small Business’, highlights that while the value of new bank lending to large businesses increased by 43% between 2015 and 2018, it has decreased to SMEs by 3%[1] - more than £1 billion per annum.

Let's Talk: 62% of Brits would consider changing jobs BEFORE asking their boss to work flexibly!

New research out today suggests many British employees are feeling disillusioned at work as well over half (57%) of employees regularly work longer than their contracted hours and a quarter (25%) are too scared to approach their boss about flexible working. In fact, 62% would consider a change of jobs instead.

Let's Talk: Is your business really employing people with disabilities?

The UK is facing a disability employment crisis. One million disabled people shunned by UK jobs market due to outdated attituded and scandalous silence at board meetings. We spoke to Jeff Dodds, MD at Virgin Media, Mark Hodgkinson, Cheif Exec at Scope and Charles Bloch, a case study who is disabled and has been turned down for employment numerous times despite being qualified.

Fredericks Foundation: Introducing Inspiring Enterprise!

Val Buckingham from Fredericks Foundation spoke to Henriette from Inspiring Enterprise who help unemployed people and people not in work, such as students and carers to start their own business or social enterprise.

Real Learning: Collaborative Networking

Dave Nyss and Hannah Mazhar stop by to discuss loneliness in the SME community and the benefits of Collaborative Networking.

Real Learning: Tips to manage your anxiety

Dave Nyss from Real Learning stopped by to talk about anxiety and how to manage it.

Taboo and Lemonade: Why don't we talk about Mental Health? Ft Wendy Addison

A new podcast to Biz Surrey and Hampshire where Eagle Radio's Beverley Hunter, Culture Champion Helen Martin and Founder of The Inspiration Space, Liana Fricker tackle tough business topics... With humor! The first episode kicks off on Mental Health Awareness Week as Wendy Addison as our guest!

Let's Talk: Brits putting EXTREME workloads above their own health!

Biz spoke to TV Doctor Hilary Jones on Brits putting extreme workloads above their own health!

Let's Talk: Meet the Guildford company named the 2nd BEST big company to work for in the UK!

Guildford headquartered, Explore Learning, has been named the SECOND BEST big company to work for in the UK according to Best Companies. We spoke to CEO and Founder Bill Mills.

Let's Talk: Research highlights multiple sclerosis anxiety epidemic

Joining us in the studio is George Pepper, Founder and CEO at Shift.ms, who is available to discuss the research and why charities likes Shift.ms are so important for those living with MS.

Surrey Business Expo 2019: Paul Bridgland stops by

Paul Bridgland from Connect Surrey stops by to speak on the Surrey Business Expo on Wednesday, June 12th.

Surrey Chambers of Commerce: Meet THE team!

We often hear about diversity in the workplace, how diverse is the Surrey Chambers of Commerce? We go in to find out!

Let's Talk: Meet Woking-based company awarded Britain's most prestigious business honour- The Queen's Award for Enterprise

Woking-based innovative British engineering company, has been awarded Britain’s most prestigious business honour: The Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Semmco has been recognised for International Trade for Outstanding Short Term Growth in overseas sales over the last three years

Women in Business Expo: Vodafone, supporting Women in Franchise!

Biz caught up with Vodafone who is one of the main sponsors of the Expo and they answered some important questions on sponsorship, why they chose to sponsor the event and starting your own franchise!

ramsac- Episode 12: A Q&A with Rob May!

Rob May, Managing Director at ramsac stopped by to answer a few burning questions like 'Are we safe using public wifi, GDPR and more!'

ramsac- Episode 11: Have you heard about the ramsac Business School?

Managing Director of ramsac, Rob May stopped by to discuss the ramsac business school, what do they learn, and, why?

Women in Business Expo: The Introduction

Biz welcomes Women in Business Expo to Biz, we get to know who they are, what their plan is and what we can look forward to for the first ever Women in Business Expo!

HR Department- Episode 12: Mental Health First Aid

Brian Wilson from the HR Department Guildford spoke to Biz on Mental Health First Aid training, is it necessary? How can an employer go about it?

Let's Talk: Exciting Careers in emerging tech predicted to be in demand!

Over three-quarters (80%) of those in the South East aged 16-24 want more information on which skills will be in demand at the peak of their careers in the 2030s and 2040s. We spoke to chief technologist, BAE systems, Nick Colosimo.

Let's Talk: Meet Surrey Heath Business Awards 'Business Star of the Year' winner!

MD of Eagle Radio, Paul Marcus spoke to the Business Star of the Year winner Michael Pickets, owner of Raver Tots.

Fredericks Foundation- Episode 5: A few business ideas for you!

Biz spoke to Val Buckingham from Fredericks Foundation on business ideas that she wanted to share for the person who wants to start a business, but isn't quite sure what to do!

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce- Episode 7: E-Learning for you!

Biz spoke to Sue Courtney, Area and Event's Manager at the Hampshire Chamber tells us how she's getting on, the misconceptions she had before working for the Chamber and she talks introducing E-Learning for your business!

Let's Talk: Biz speaks to the author of "Time management for dummies"

We speak to the UK’s leading time management expert, Clare Evans, and Jacqui Bateson from Skipton Building Society, who is a member of the "sandwich generation" herself.

Concept Vehicle Leasing- Episode 4: Leasing AND Insuring your vehicle!

Paul Bulloch from Concept Vehicle Leasing spoke to Biz on how they can lease you a car and insure it!

Concept Vehicle Leasing- Episode 3: Electric Vehicles For Your Business!

Biz spoke to Managing Director, Paul Bulloch on why you should consider an EV for your business!

Waverley Abbey House: Episode 2: Business away days and team building

Biz spoke to Jackie Girling, manager at Waverley Abbey House on a business away day with them, team building and more!

HR Department- Episode 11: Long term continuous absence & sickness in the workplace

Brian Wilson from the HR Department stopped by to discuss how an employer should go about long term continuous absence & sickness in the workplace.

Let's Talk: Meet Surrey's Gemma Cockrell who founded her own natural hair and skin care line after second cancer diagnosis.

Meet the Surrey-based, Gemma Cockrell who founded her own natural skin & hair care line after her second breast cancer diagnosis.

Lets Talk: Make Purple Day Your Business! #EpilepsyAwarenessDay

Monday 26th March is International Epilepsy Awareness Day (Purple Day) and the Meath Epilepsy Charity is lighting up Guildford, Godalming and Cranleigh as part of a Campaign to improve awareness of epilepsy. Your business can offer support in the future please contact helenj@meath.org.uk.

Let's Talk: Is the 'Money Taboo' holding you back?

Biz spoke to Clinical Psychologist Tanya Byron and Lloyds Bank Spokesperson, Catherine Kehoe on the money taboo that's holding Brit's back and how we can begin to tackle it.

Let's Talk: The Cost of a Bad Night’s Sleep - Business Travel Impacting on Body and Mind.

The Cost of a Bad Night’s Sleep - Business Travel Impacting on Body and Mind. We speak to Dave Gibson - Sleep Expert & Health Care Professional (Osteopath on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing) on this.

Fredericks Foundation- Episode 3: Credit history- What you should know!

Val Buckingham spoke to us about Credit History, here is what you need to know when considering a business loan.

Automated Gate Solutions: Episode 5: A quick update and an offer!

Biz spoke to Ruth Kneeshaw on what they've been up to and their new offer for you!

Phyllis Tuckwell- Episode 9: Here is what you can look forward to!

Tony Carpenter from Phyllis Tuckwell stopped by to let us know the events they have coming up!

Let's Talk: After bills are paid, the average UK household has a £6,000 savings opportunity!

New research released today by Post Office Money1 finds that almost two in five (37%) UK adults are unable to save as much money as they would like to. Despite this, the research conducted by CEBR2 suggests the average household should be able to save up to £5,950, expected to increase to £6,170 by 2021.

Conquest Consultancy: Episode 3: The impact of Social Media in schools!

Biz spoke to Dan Adams from Conquest Consultancy on the impact of social media in schools, our guest Andrew Rudkin- Headmaster of Lyndhurst School in Camberley spoke about how Conquest Consultancy has helped the school!

Village Hotel Episode 4: Here are 3 top tips for a healthy lifestyle during a heavy working day!

Biz spoke to Adam Reed - Health and Fitness Manager at Village Hotels in Farnborough and he gave us his 3 top tips for a healthy lifestyle during a heavy working day!

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce- Episode 6: Meet new area Event Manager- Sue Courtney!

David Kemshall, Business Development Manager at Hampshire Chamber introduced Sue Courtney, new area Events Manager!

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy - Episode 9: BREXIT

Biz spoke to Paul Adams from Branston Adams on BREXIT, he gave us a checklist to keep in mind.

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy- Episode 8: Ten tax planning points to remember!

Branston Adams spoke about what to be prepared for with the tax planning, he gave us 10 points to remember before 5th April!

Let's Talk: Meet Farnham YouTuber on a mission to get the world fit through social media!

Lucy is a qualified Personal Trainer, as well as being qualified in Nutrition for Weight Loss, Pre &Postnatal Fitness, Aerobics Instructor, Children’s Health and Fitness Specialist on a mission to get the world fit through social media.

Let's Talk: Meet the woman in Surrey who made the Forbes under 30 list!

We sat down and spoke to Julianne on making it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list, we discussed how she got started, her wins and her losses, growing up in Surrey and how she felt making it to one of the most powerful lists in business...

Let's Talk: Brits set to splash £8.2 Billion on time with friends and family as Brexit changes how we spend money

A new study of Brits reveals the extent to which our concerns for the nation’s landscape in 2019 will influence behaviour, with Brits set to invest more than £8.2 billion on time spent with their friends and families.

Let's Talk: Business IS personal with Penny Power.

Biz spoke to Penny Power on the release of her new book "Business Is Personal" she talks about some tough experiences in business AND her personal life!

LIVE from the Hampshire Business Expo!

We were live at the busy Hampshire Business Expo and we caught up with a new business in the scene and some familiar faces on why they felt it was still necessary to attend the expo.

Phyllis Tuckwell- Episode 7: 'Our 40th Birthday'

Biz spoke to Tony Carpenter from Phyllis Tuckwell on this year being their 40th year!

Let's Talk: TAG Farnborough Airport launches Flying Scholarship 2019!

TAG Farnborough Airport has today launched the TAG Flying Scholarship 2019. Under the auspices of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots’ scholarship programme, TAG Farnborough Airport grants one person a scholarship with the aim of supporting individuals who might otherwise not have the necessary resources to gain flying experience!

Fredericks Foundation- Episode 3: Thinking of starting your own business? Hear this!

Biz spoke to Val Buckingham from Fredericks Foundation on the key things to remember if you're thinking of starting your own business.

Waverley Abbey House: Episode 1: Get to know us!

Biz spoke to Jackie Girling from Waverley Abbey House and she let us know what the historic building can do for your business and events!

HR Department- Episode 10: HR Paperwork, the essentials!

A business has to have some HR paperwork but probably doesn't need a whole cupboard full, what are the essentials?

HR Department- Episode 9: Investigations and suspension.

Biz spoke to Brian Wilson from the HR Department on investigations and suspension and disciplinary proceedings.

Let's Talk: Finance Expert Alvin Hall speaks on £197 million lost due to investment scams.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has revealed that UK investors lost £197m in scams in 2018 The most common investment scams reported involve shares and bonds, forex and cryptocurrencies. Alvin Hall joins us to speak on this.

ramsac- Episode 10: IT health check, the simple things you need to know.

Biz spoke to Dan May from ramsac on IT Health Check's - The simple things you need to know.

HR Department- Episode 8: The Health and Safety Whinger- Fact or fiction?

Brian Wilson from the HR Department stopped by to talk about defining a Health and Safety Whinge and how to go about it!

Let's Talk: Living with FH, an inherited life-threatening condition.

Meet the Surrey Police officer who is raising awareness on FH, a life-threatening condition that puts you at risk of a heart attack.

Let's Talk: Defibrillators in the workplace!

Biz spoke to Sarah Askew on defibrillators at work, should we have one in the workplace? How does a business go about it?

HR Department- Episode 7: Workplace Romance

Biz caught up with Brian Wilson from the HR Department on Workplace Romance, how should an employer go about it?

Let's Talk: What you need to know about commercial video for your business!

We caught up with Andy Plom, head of commercial video at Eagle Radio and he spoke about what all the commercial video hype is and what you need to know before you roll out the cameras!

Let's Talk: A new taste in Surrey, Sandhills Gin Distillery!

Sandhills Gin launched just before Christmas, so we sat down with the creative mind behind it, Tom Bird, we spoke about how he got started and managed to remain inspired in an already saturated market and what plans he has next for his Surrey-based distillery and much more!

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy- Episode 7: Gratitude and Awards!

Paul Adams stopped by to simply thank the community for his latest awards.

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy- Episode 6: Are you ready? Making Tax Digital

Biz spoke to Paul Adams from Branston Adams on the April 1st Making Tax Digital Deadline and he spoke about what we need to have prepared.

Biz Award Winner: Woking Gymnastics

Biz spoke to Jess from Woking Gymnastics on their 2018 Biz Award win.

Let's Talk: How to beat the "Culture of busyness" in the workplace!

Constant calls, emails and meetings… It seems we’re all so busy in the workplace, but still getting nothing done! And now a new report has confirmed this, revealing British workers are spending large portions of the work day on things other than what they were hired to do.

Let's Talk: Meet Loui Blake who run's UK's largest vegan restaurant!

The British food scene has seen a number of high-profile closures in the last year but, according to a new trends report, the next two years are set to see innovative and unusual restaurants opening… if diners get what they want.

The opening of the Phyllis Tuckwell shop in Cranleigh!

Eagle Radio's Beverley Hunter went down to Phyllis Tuckwell in Cranleigh to open the shop, how did it go?

CMPP- Meet CMPP founder and CEO, Tracy Jarvis

Biz caught up with CEO and founder of CMPP Tracy Jarvis who spoke about her mission with CMPP!

CMPP- Aldershot Garrison, Lieutenant Paddy Baines

Meet Aldershot Garrison, lieutenant Paddy Baines on what his role is with CMPP

CMPP- Jane Sheridan, Business to Education Program Lead

Biz spoke to Jane Sheridan, Business to Education Program Lead on her role at CMPP

CMPP- Mel McCrum from Wheeler's Solicitors

Biz spoke to Mel McCrum, CMPP managing partner from Wheeler's Solicitors on his experience with CMPP.

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce- Episode 5: Here is what to look forward to!

David Kemshall, business development manager at Hampshire Chamber spoke about what we can expect to look forward to!

Let's Talk: What would YOUR employees really say about the company culture? We spoke to the ramsac team!

There's one thing believing in your company culture, but what would you employees say behind your back? What do they really think? Biz went in to speak to ramsac employees on their company culture!

HG Wells: Episode 6: How To Organise An Award Ceremony!

Biz spoke to Michelle Chilcott from HG Wells on how to plan an Award Ceremony as they're getting increasingly popular for businesses and organisations to hold them.

Let's Talk: Meet the new head of G-Live, Derek Aldridge

Meet the new head of G-Live, find out what his plan is!

Let's Talk: UK workforce willing to take pay cut to improve work-life balance!

Biz spoke to Tom Baigrie, CEO of Lifesearch and Iona Bain, Financial commentator and author on UK's workforce would take a pay cut to improve their work-life balance

Let's Talk: Meet Joanna Read,Chief Executive and Theatre Director at the Yvonne Arnaud.

Peter Gordon spoke to Joanna Read new Chief Executive and Theatre Director at the Yvonne Arnaud, here is what she had to say.

Let's Talk: Richard Maybury speaks on the IoD DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2019!

Biz caught up with the chairman of the Institute of Directors in Surrey, Richard Maybury on the DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2019 which will be held in London.

Let's Talk: Meet the 16 year old MD & FD's of Vyn Up!

Biz spoke to Hemish Gholkar, Managing Director and Aysh Bose, Finance Director of VynUp on their Young Enterprise business!

Let's Talk: Food for thought, mental health

Biz spoke to Orla Stone stone from Nutriviva on the links between food, mental health and well being...

Ward Williams- Episode 7: Ward Williams Creative

Tax Manager, Tom Kirk from Ward Williams spoke to Biz on Ward Williams creative.

Let's Talk: Taiko drumming for team building!

Biz caught up with Farnham based Mark Alcock from rhythm works and we spoke about the benefits of Taiko drumming for team building.

ramsac- Episode 9: ramsac's realistic approach to mental health and well-being.

Biz spoke to Dan May, commercial director at ramsac and he spoke about how they realistically approach mental health in the workplace, and what the results have been.

Ecopare- Episode 3: Save actual money! Tips on managing the energy use in your business.

Biz spoke to Adrian Green from Ecopare on smart meters for your business and how to manage your energy usage effectively, and why you're wasting way more money than you're aware!

Concept Vehicle Leasing: 7 questions to make reviewing your vehicle policy easy

Biz spoke to Paul Bulloch, Managing Director at Concept Vehicle Leasing on 7 questions to make reviewing your vehicle policy easy.

Let's Talk: Parents vow to explain to their children how they can help change the world

New research shows that just a fifth (21%) of parents were told that they could have a job that makes a difference to the world when they were young. As a result, many are now making sure their own children know they can find a career that makes a positive impact on society.

Satelliet UK- Episode 8: The office work place of today and tomorrow!

Harvey Ockrim, Managing Director of Satelliet UK and Stephen McCue from Nowy Styl speak on the office space of today, and tomorrow and how things are changing!

Conquest Consultancy: Episode 2: Fake Social Media Followers

Dan, Managing Director at Conquest Consultancy spoke to Biz on the trend of buying social media followers, what's the harm? It's a little more serious than you might think...

Biz Best Bits!

It's been a FANTASTIC journey since we launched, so, why not highlight some of the best bits you enjoyed?

Biz Award Winner: Rob May

Meet Rob May who won a Leadership Award at the Biz Awards 2018!

Surrey Chambers of Commerce: What you need to know about export!

Biz spoke to Gary Hayes from Surrey Chambers of Commerce on export, we discuss accidental exporters, Brexit, service exports and more!

Biz Award Winner: Orbital Media

Meet the Biz Award Winners who won the 'Innovation Award' at the Biz Awards 2018! We spoke to Hayden Allen-Vercoe on their brilliant innovation.

Project Five- Episode 6: What are the benefits of being a corporate sponsor? ft Guildford Shakespeare Company

Project Five are corporate sponsors of the Guildford Shakespeare Company, what are the real benefits of being a sponsor? What do you get out of it? Why it really important? We speak about it all.

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce- Episode 4: How to help start ups survive, thrive and come alive!

Biz spoke to David Kemshall from Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and he spoke about how Hampshire Chamber can help startups survive, thrive and come alive!

Phyllis Tuckwell- Episode 6: A message from Phyllis Tuckwell

Biz spoke to Tony Carpenter who came to our studios and had a message for you.

Basepoint: Podcast 9: January wellness at Basepoint!

New year, new you? Basepoint will have fruit at all their receptions, quiz nights and stress awareness, get involved!

Basepoint: Podcast 8: Take your gifts to Basepoint to get wrapped for charity!

Biz spoke to Heidi Kruger from Basepoint who are wrapping your gifts for charity. If you want one less job to do AND give back to charity.

Basepoint: Podcast 7: Giving back to ex service men with PTSD

Biz spoke to Heidi Kruger from Basepoint and she spoke about how one of the licensees is giving back to ex-servicemen.

Basepoint: Podcast 6 - "LinkedIn Local" events with Basepoint

Biz spoke to Heidi Kruger who spoke about Basepoint hosting LinkedIn local events. Here is what she had to say.

Let's Talk: 'Culture Champion' Helen Martin speaks to Biz on VALUES!

Biz spoke to Culture Champion Helen Martin who has been one of the driving forces behind pushing Kelly's Storage towards the top of the Sunday Time's Best Small Company's to Work For list three times!

Satelliet UK - Episode 7: Italian hospitality furniture and how it's being used in the office workplace.

Biz caught up with Simon Le Fort again to discuss how the Italian furniture is being used in the office workplace.

Satelliet UK - Episode 6: Italian furniture and why it's the best in the world.

Biz spoke to Simon Le Fort on why Italian furniture is still the best in the world and his involvement in the 'Italian Furniture Industry'.

ramsac- Episode 8: Business continuity

Rob May, managing director at ramsac spoke to Biz on 'Business continuity' planning and disaster recovery for your business.

ramsac- Episode 7: Company Culture

Biz spoke to Rob May from ramsac and we spoke about 'Company Culture', ramsac takes pride in their company culture, Rob May spoke to us about how to implement a healthy company culture in your workplace.

Let's Talk: How to deliver a good TED Talk.

Biz spoke to Rob May from ramsac, as an experienced public and TEDx speaker Rob gave his advice on how to do a good talk.


WIN a 2 X 1.5-meter stand – value £675 + vat for the Hampshire Expo 2019 which takes place on February 26th at the Farnborough International centre and is supported by Biz –Surrey & Hampshire, Eagle Radio, Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Rushmoor Borough Council.

Ward Williams HR- Episode 6- Christmas parties & employment issues to consider.

Biz spoke to Kim Dalton from Ward Williams HR on employee office parties and employment issues to consider, especially during the festive season!

Fredericks Foundation- Episode 2- Women's Funding!

Biz spoke to Val Buckingham from Fredericks Foundation and she spoke about the women's fund, how you can get funding or how you can support under-represented women with starting their own businesses.

Village Hotel Episode 3: 10 ways you can support the local community and the business benefits for you

Biz spoke to Danielle Enderson, Director of Sales for Village Hotels and she spoke about the 10 key ways you can support you can support your local community with a benefit to your business.

Let's Talk: Would you take a pay cut to improve your work-life balance?

Achieving a work-life balance may feel hard to accomplish, as many struggle financially to do well at work and have a good quality of life away from the grind of 9-5. With people increasingly looking for more work flexibility and free-time, this begs the question; Does money really buy us happiness?

Let's Talk: How to avoid getting to work 'Hangry'

Biz spoke to Laura Clark who is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, TV personality and Vlogger on how to improve our daily grind!

Let's Talk: Biz speaks to Reggie Yates on the new meaning of community and millennial's!

Two thirds of Brits (68%) say that community values have noticeably declined since their parents’ day, but it is the younger generation of Millennials who have rekindled community spirit, according to new research announced by Aviva

Let's Talk: Are businesses really practicing social inclusion in the workplace? A success story from Guildford Shakespeare Company!

Biz spoke to Sarah Gobran from the Guildford Shakespeare Company on how they are trying to tackle the lack of inclusion by actually promoting social inclusion and also practicing it, could you be missing out on unique talent in your business because of lack of social inclusion?

Let's Talk: Getting rid of your Monday blues! Advice from former rugby player- Rob Vickerman!

Biz spoke to former rubgy player Rob Vickerman on Monday blues and brits using unusual tactics to wake themselves up come Monday mornings.

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce- Episode 3: The events you have to look forward to, that are catered to you!

Biz spoke to David Kemshall from Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and we spoke about the events coming up and how Hampshire Chamber remembers you when planning events.

Let's Talk: Hampshire Women's Business Awards finalist Nicola Arnold speaks to Biz

Nicola Arnold is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with a passion for empowering individuals to stand in their spotlight, develop their confidence and connect to their true self in order to illuminate their path of possibilities. In 2016 Nicola launched the Happy to be ME hub, (shortlisted for an ‘exceptional business award’ 2017 and nominated for two awards in 2018), an online community built on happiness, authenticity and gratitude.

Biz Breakfast: Caspar Craven checks in for the Biz Breakfast

Caspar Craven checked in to Biz and tell's us what he's excited to cover on the 27th November 2018 for the Biz Breakfast at Waverley Abbey House.

Let's Talk: Bullying in the workplace, here's HOW to put a stop to it.

Biz spoke to Christine Pratt, founder of The National Bullying Helpline. Here is how to go about bullying in the workplace.

Surrey Chambers of Commerce: we discuss membership, networking and Project Five joins in the conversation to discuss their current partnership.

Meet Molly, membership manager, we discuss her role at Surrey Chambers, their sustainability event and Project Five joins in to discuss their partnership with Surrey Chambers and their winter Pimms networking.

Satelliet UK- Episode 5: Live from Italy meeting Torre 1961 chair range- a chair that will never break?

Harvey Ockrim caught up with Luca Mourag in Italy to discuss their chair range which they claim will never break, sounds like a WIN for the hospitality industry!

Fredericks Foundation- Episode 1- An Introduction!

Biz caught up with Val Buckingham, a client manager at Fredericks Foundation, whose mission is to provide access to small business loans to people excluded from mainstream credit in order to create choice not charity, and to give individuals the opportunity to transform their lives, and to build a society based on dignity not on handouts.

Right at Home GF - 'Customer Focus Award' Biz Award Winner

Biz spoke to Alastair Shanks, owner, and Managing Director at Right at Home GF on what it meant to them to win the 'Customer Focus Award' at the Biz Awards 2018.

Let's Talk: Employers! Are you really giving ex-offenders a chance? Police Commissioner, David Munro is here to support you!

Biz spoke to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, David Munro on the 'Clean Sheet' initiative he has just rolled out in Surrey, with one simple purpose- to offer people with convictions the hope of a better future by finding real, permanent employment.

Guildford College- Episode 6: Industry Placements

Biz caught up with Kim Bushell from Guildford College who is part of the Industrial Placements team, we spoke about what industrial placements are and how it benefits employers.

Conquest Consultancy: Episode One- The Introduction.

Our new partners Conquest Consultancy stopped by to talk to Biz, Dan Adams, managing director started by introducing themselves and told us what we have to look forward to...

Let's Talk: Rushmoor development, what's the strategy? Hear it from David Clifford, Barbara Hurst and Ken Muschamp

Biz spoke to David Clifford, Barbara Hurst and Ken Muschamp, they answer some questions on Aldershot and Farnborough regeneration masterplan, how does it affect you?

Let's Talk: Meet SATRO: Educational charity working with young people in Schools and colleges in Surrey and the South-East

Biz spoke to Lucy and Blondell on what SATRO's aim is and how businesses can get involved.

Ramsac- Episode 6: GDPR, still important?

Biz caught up with Rob May, managing director at Ramsac, we spoke about GDPR since the deadline, what are the fines so far? Is it still important?

Vehicle Concept Leasing- Episode 1- Introduce us!

Biz spoke to Paul Bulloch from Concept Vehicle Leasing, he told us all about who they are and how they got started, we also welcomed him on board!

Let's Talk: Chasing invoices with Barrie Funnell, UKRD Group

Biz spoke to Barrie Funnell from UKRD on invoice chasing, what steps to take.

HG Wells- Episode 5: How to prepare for a business exhibition

Biz spoke to the sales manager of HG Wells, Michelle Chilcott on how to be prepared for a business exhibition

HR Department- Episode 6: Revisiting data protection in the workplace.

Biz spoke to Brian Wilson from the HR Dept, from a HR standpoint, what's been happening since GDPR came into place? Are most businesses compliant? Are some businesses still in the dark? Here is some advice...

Project Five- Episode 5: What is YOUR corporate social responsibility?

Biz spoke to Suzanne Panayiodou from Project Five and she spoke about Corporate Social Responsibility, what more businesses can do, and how Project Five does their part.

Project Five- Episode 4: Hesitant to make a career change? Hear from someone who did and loves it!

Biz spoke to Susie Sharp from Project Five, we spoke about her big leap to a career change, are you hesitant to change your career altogether? Hear from someone who did and loves it!

Biz Award Winner: The Naked Pharmacy

Biz spoke to Kevin Leivers from The Naked Pharmacy and we spoke about how he felt about his Biz Award Win and where he wants to go from here onwards

Let's Talk: Meet the student from Ripley who created a service you didn't know you needed, until now!

Biz spoke to Sam Collins from Ripley who created "Student Works" an easily accessible resource that everyone can access, both people at home and in the workplace will be able to communicate and hire students, helping to build closer knit communities whilst also helping young people to earn extra cash and gain invaluable work experience alongside their studies

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce- Episode 2: Budget Day & Economic priorities

Biz spoke to Mark Baulch from Hampshire Chambers of Commerce on budget day and Hampshire's economic priorities ahead of time

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce- Episode 1: Get to know them!

Biz spoke to Mark Baulch & David Kemshall from Hampshire Chambers and they gave us a look into what they do...

Guildford College- Episode 5: Business Boost courses

Biz spoke to Louise from Guildford College and she spoke about the Business Boost courses they offer which are convenient for both people and the business.

Let's Talk: Meet Surrey Company GlucoRX named among UK top 100 tech firms

A fast-growing Surrey healthcare company has been named among the UK’s top 100 tech firms. GlucoRx, a major supplier of quality diabetes products to the NHS, was ranked 70th in the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 league table – one of only two in the county and seven in the region to feature. The healthcare business recorded a 66 percent sales growth over the past three years.

Phyllis Tuckwell- Episode 5: Phyllis Tuckwell is giving money away!

Biz spoke to Nick from Phyllis Tuckwell and he spoke about the new challenge, ready to join in!

Phyllis Tuckwell- Episode 4: Living Well, here's you can support Phyllis Tuckwell make it keep being possible

Biz spoke to Tony Carpenter on 'Living Well' could you business support Phyllis Tuckwell to keep this going?

Phyllis Tuckwell- Episode 3: Tony Carpenter spoke about their strategy for the next 3 years

Biz spoke to Tony Carpenter from Phyllis Tuckwell and they spoke about their strategy for the next 3 years, could you be a part of it?

Let's Talk: Basepoint Business Center for Breast Cancer Now day!

Biz spoke to Heidi Kruger, Basepoint center manager on 'Breast Cancer Now' day

Let's Talk: Can you be both soft and strong professionally? Here is Heather Watson's definition of femininity.

Biz spoke to UK’s number 3 female professional tennis player and Wimbledon mixed doubles champion, Heather Watson. Fresh from the US Open and Coupe Banque Nationale, we spoke about being soft and strong & her definition of femininity.

Speakers Corner: Appeal to save Woking fish and chip shop from demolition

Josh Kerr spoke to Michael Heales from 'Fishmarket' fish and chip shop in Woking on his appeal to save his shop from demolition

Let's Talk: A funny business? Meet the lady behind Laughology and The Happiness Awards.

Stephanie Davies is Laughology’s founder and CEO and one of the UK’s leading voices in happiness and engagement in organisations

Let's Talk: Britain’s aging workforce being urged to make eye health a priority or risk their ability to work.

Biz spoke to Dr. Josie Forte, qualified optometrist spoke to Biz on eye health risk for Britains aging workforce.

Village Hotel Episode 2: The 10 reasons co-working benefits YOU and your business!

Biz spoke to Danielle Enderson from Village Hotels and she listed the 10 practical reasons why co-working benefits you and your business

Village Hotel Episode 1: What services do they offer?

Biz spoke to our new partners Village Hotel in Farnborough, what services do they offer? Here is what Danielle Enderson had to say...

Let's Talk: Dear employers, here are practical steps for you to retain and recruit people with mental health challenges: Oakleaf

Biz caught up with Clive Stone from Oakleaf, we spoke on mental health taboo in the workplace, how to recruit and retain people with mental health challenges at work and embracing therapy, even when you don't suffer with mental health challenges.

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy- Episode 5: Making Tax Digital, are you ready?

Biz spoke to Paul Adams from Branston Adams Tax Accountancy, we spoke about making tax digital, are you prepared?

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy- Episode 4: Budget Day!

Biz spoke to Paul Adams from Branston Adams Tax Accountancy and he spoke all about Budget Day!

Meet CEO of Surrey Chambers Of Commerce, Louise Punter, you've seen her, do you know her?

Biz spoke to our patrons, Surrey Chambers Of Commerce' Louise Punter, we spoke about her role at Surrey Chambers, how long she has been there, what are her goals and what does she want for the future of business in Surrey?

Let's Talk: Meet your award winning Guildford based virtual assistant

Biz spoke to founder and owner of Get Ahead Virtual Assistant, Rebecca Newenham, she spoke about her come up, the challenges and her wins.

Meet Biz Award 'Employee Of The Year' Winner, Emilia Lopez!

Meet the Employee Of The Year, Emilia Lopez who won at the 2018 Biz Awards!

Ward Williams Chartered Accountants- Episode 5: How to start your own business

Biz spoke to Malcolm Mckinnell and Andrew Webb from Ward Williams and they spoke about the steps you should take with starting your own business

Satelliet UK: At last, Stable Tables for the hospitality industry, meet the company who creates them!

Managing Director of Satelliet UK Harvey Ockrim spoke to Sven Henningsson from 'Stable Table' the company providing stability in the hospitality industry.

Let's Talk: Meet Hampshire 18yr Old Managing Director!

Biz spoke to Fleet's George Bradbury who made websites for local businesses for free at 13 years old, today, he's the managing director of his own successful business.

Biz Podcast- My Property Claim: How To Support Someone Going Through A Claim

Biz spoke to Alan Howell from My property Claim and he spoke about how to support someone going through a claim, you won't be left alone!

Let's Talk: Macmillan Coffee Morning with Basepoint Business Centres

Biz spoke to Heide Kruger from Basepoint Business Centres in Camberley on why they get involved with charity events like the Macmillan Coffee Morning

Let's Talk: Speaking habits, how are yours?

Biz spoke to Author of "The Art Of Conversation" Catherine Blyth on our speaking habits and conversation fillers like "Umm, basically and init?" cited among the most annoying, are we stuck in our ways or are we open to change?

Biz Podcast- Basepoint: The 1st home of startups & more!

Biz spoke to Kate Bunyan from Basepoint on Basepoint being the 1st home for start-ups, and not having to worry about cleaning, internet or a roof leaking, Basepoint just wants you to focus on YOUR business.

Biz Podcast- Basepoint: Yes, Basepoint are also involved with networking!

Biz spoke to Heidi Kruger from Baspoint on networking! Not only do they offer facilities but Basepoint also has by monthly networking events!

Biz Podcast- Basepoint: It's not just offices, Basepoint offers more!

Biz spoke to Lucy Middleton from Basepoint, she told us about the services basepoint offers besides offices.

Biz Podcast- Katz Auto Services: The challenges of expanding your business.

Biz spoke to Debbie Dredge from Katz Auto Services and we spoke about the challenges of expanding your business. Katz Auto has recently opened a brand new branch in Farnham, Debbie talks on the pros and cons.

Biz Podcast- Katz Auto Services: The importance of word of mouth and reputation.

Biz spoke to Debbie Dredge from Katz Auto Services who have been established in Haslemere for over 20 years with little promotion and advertising and who have got most of their clients through word of mouth, we speak about the importance of it and how it's benefited them.

HR Department: How important is it to investigate HR issues and keep good records?

Biz spoke to Brian Wilson from the HR Dept on the importance of investigating HR issues and keeping good records.

Let's Talk: Why we need high growth small businesses - Philip Salter

Biz spoke to Philip Salter who has written for Forbes and is the founder of The Entrepreneurs Network and he spoke about why we need more high growth small businesses.

Let's Talk: How To Recruit And Retain Talent Effectively

Biz spoke to Kim Dalton from Ward Williams HR on retaining and recruiting talent, a HR challenge in 2018.

Let's Talk: Tips and tricks for public speaking with Ges Ray!

Biz spoke to public speaking guru Ges Ray and he gives some tips and tricks in improving your public speaking technique that will also help you in your day to day life.

Biz Podcast- Ramsac: How does office 365 work? Could it save you time, money and resources?

Biz spoke to Dan May from Ramsac and he spoke to Biz about Office 365, how could it benefit your business, save you time, money and resources? Here is what he had to say:

Biz Podcast- Ward Williams HR: Why engaging with a HR consultancy firm can save you money

Biz spoke to Kim Dalton from Ward Williams HR on why engaging with a HR consultancy firm can save you money

Let's Talk: Can we actually keep fit at work? Advice from Lee Matthews, Fitness Experience Director

Research out by DW Fitness First shows that Britons are ambling when it comes to achieving the recommended daily step count of 10,000. The average person will manage a limp 3,549 steps – with those from Birmingham managing the least: 3,769, here is advice from Lee Matthews, Fitness Experience Director from DW Fitness First

Let's Talk: Meet Hampshire's Sam Part who is celebrating a partnership with Godiva Chocolates

Former Haslemere Community Rugby Club stalwart Sam Part is now making big strides in the chocolate industry he is now celebrating a partnership deal with leading manufacturer Godiva Chocolates that might see Candy Mechanics on sale at its 500 outlets around the world.

Biz Podcast- Merrist Wood College, 400 acres of variety for businesses!

Biz caught up with Julie Tanner, Commercial Events Manager for Merrist Wood College and she told us about their facilities like team building, BBQ's, catering, dog sitting, and a zoo and more!

Biz Award Winner: KRR ProStream

Meet Biz Award Winner KRR ProStream, they speak about their journey, their business and their 2018 Biz Award where they won the "Green Award" Of The Year!

Let's talk: Stefan Thomas- How could YOU improve your networking?

Biz caught up with the author of "Instant Networking & Business Networking For Dummies" and he gave us advice on 'benefits of networking and how to improve your networking'

Automated Gate Solutions: Choosing the right entry phone for you.

Biz spoke to Ruth Kneeshaw from Automated Gate Solutions and she spoke about entry gates, what's the right one for you?

Let's Talk Business: As bank loans fall, small businesses turn to new source of lending.

Biz spoke to Natasha Jones from 'Funding Circle' on the new source of small business lending

Let's Talk Business: Google PPC and Ad Words, could you be paying too much for something you don't understand? Advice from Adrian Barry.

Biz spoke to Adrian Barry from Godalming based 'Web Results Direct' and he broke down to us what we need to know about Google PPC and Ad Words, you could you be paying too much for something you don't understand?

Let's Talk: Paul Turner, Aldershot Dragon's Den success not taking NO for an answer!

Biz spoke to Paul Turner from "Turner A & Son" butchers in Aldershot, he tells us how it's been since Dragon's Den Peter Jones invested in his business, and why he doesn't ever take NO for an answer!

Let's Talk: Eagle Radio MD confirmed as new chair of Rushmoor business initiative

Biz spoke to Paul Marcus, managing director of Eagle Radio on his new role as new chair of Rushmoor business initiative, he spoke on his plans going forward, business leaders getting involved and the change he would like to see in our local communities.

Speakers Corner: Business Rates In Guildford, Explained.

Biz spoke to councilor Nigel Manning, Lead Member for Finance And Assets at Guildford Borough Council on the business rates crippling businesses that are causing them to shut down.

Let's Talk: Meet the woman helping shape future business leaders in Surrey and Hampshire!

Meet Lynne Skinner, area manager of Young Enterprise in Surrey and Hampshire, Lynne is helping shape the future business leaders of Surrey and Hampshire, although Young Enterprise is impressive they need your help!

Let's Talk: Dan Adams a new business start up and the youngest mayor of Surrey Heath!

Meet Dan Adams, a new business start-up and also the youngest Mayor of Surrey Heath, how does he balance a new business and mayor duties?

Let's Talk: Red Mist Leisure, a Surrey and Hampshire Gastropub success!

Biz spoke to Managing Director, Mark Robson and Head Of People And Recruitment, Vanessa Mulholland of Red Mist Leisure on their gastropub success in Surrey and Hampshire!

Project Five- Episode 3- How the use of mobiles and PC's has changed over the use, what it means for your business.

Biz spoke to Steve Colburn, MD of Project Five on the evolution of mobile's and PC's and what it means for you and your business.

Let's Talk: Failed A-Levels To Apprentice At 10 Downing Street

Biz spoke to Gogglebox star Josh Tapper who swapped commenting on the TV show to now being an apprentice at 10 Downing Street joined by Neil Hammond, an advisor at National Careers Service.

Let's Talk Business: Marriages For Mortgages?

Biz spoke to YouTuber Jade Vanriel who bought her first home at 23 years old with her own savings and is encouraging people to not rely on a partner to get on the property ladder, we're also joined in the studio by Kris Brewster from Skipton Building Society, he gives as valuable and practical advice on how to get on the property ladder on your own.

Let's Talk Business: Red Mist Leisure; succeeding in a saturated market, how come?

Biz spoke to Mark Robson, Managing Director of Red Mist Leisure on how they've managed to thrive in a saturated gastro pub market, and also a market that has had a tricky 10 years when 50 pubs were closing a week and now those numbers are nearly down to nothing, they also talk valuing their staff.

My property Claim- Episode 3- The franchise business

Biz spoke to Alan Howell franchise owner and Tom Wines who's just bought into the franchise, Tom, 25, spoke about his journey on starting out as a franchise owner and tips for people who want to buy into a franchise.

Automated Gate Solutions- Episode 3- Don't Get Locked Out, Service Your Gates

Biz spoke to Ruth Kneeshaw on gate servicing, don't get locked out, get cover

Satelliet UK - Episode 3

Harvey Ockrim is joined in the studio by Darren Grapes, owner, and lead designer of Grapes design and he talks about his role at Grapes Design with interior design.

Speakers Corner: Display your business for free on community day to help fund-raise for the play area.

Biz spoke to Tara Gibbons, who is calling all businesses, groups, churches, and schools on/involved in the Old Dean to offer their time to run a stall of some sort and/or do a display. You will be are able to promote your business as much as you like all profits to be put towards the play area.

Let's Talk Business: How DOES she do it? - Jo Ferrone

"Whether it's controlling our finances, teaching our children good manners, getting enough exercise, eating the right food, getting our time-management spot-on, keeping the house clean, the washing done, actually having #metime and enough sleep!! What should take priority and can we really get it all right?"

HR Department- Episode 3- Workplace altercations, Is human nature a good excuse?

Brian Wilson from the HR Dept spoke to Biz on workplace altercations, is human nature a good enough excuse? How do we resolve them? And Small businesses also need HR.

Ward Williams - Episode 3- Probate & Estate Administration

Biz spoke to Ward Williams on the unique service they offer on Probate and Estate Administration.

Guildford College- Episode 3- Project Management Methodology at Guildford College!

Biz spoke to Louise from Guildford College on Project Management Methodology as a course they offer, the prices and how it can benefit YOU.

HG Wells- Episode 4- Inspiring Women In Food Business Breakfast & Woking Food And Drink Festival

Biz spoke to Riette Thomas, Project Manager of Celebrate Woking & Event Manager for Woking Food and Drink Festival on an inspiring business breakfast for women in the culinary industry and The Woking Food and Drink Festival that's taking place on 31st August to 2nd September. Find out more here: https://www.wokingfoodanddrinkfestival.co.uk/

Ramsac- Episode 4- Flexible working, are employers offering that option?

Biz spoke to Dan May from Ramsac on flexible working hours, one of the benefits is it's cost-effective, are employers providing this option?

Speakers Corner: Meet Kelly Chandler, Wedding Planner To Business Wedding Consultant

Meet Guildford based Kelly Chandler, from Wedding Planner to Wedding Business Consultant.

Let'sTalk Business: Meet Biz Award Winner... WEDITION

Biz caught up with Liz Gatherer who won BIZ AWARD new business/startup of the year 2018, she spoke to us about what this meant to her and how it all begun.

Let's Talk Business: Is Your High Street On A High Or On A Low? Simon Reeve Speaks.

Travel and TV Presenter Simon Reeve spoke to Biz on your local high street, the changes and SME's not wanting to use loyalty schemes

Let's Talk Business:2,400 Banks And Building Societies Could Close This Year, Is It Really A Threat?

2,500 Banks and Building Societies could close this year, is this a real threat to the future? We spoke to Banking Expert, David Black, and CEO of Nottingham Building Society on this.

Let's Talk Business: Hospitality Industry Shortage Post-Brexit

With Brexit day fast approaching, business leaders across the UK are preparing for some stark changes come March 2019. There are fears that the UK hospitality industry could face significant staff shortages if a mass-exodus of kitchen, hotel and catering staff is borne out, we spoke to Peter Ducker, Chief Executive of The Institute Of Hospitality.

Breathe HR- Episode 3 - Breathe HR CEO Interviews Eagle Radio MD On Company Culture

Breathe HR are passionate about company culture. The first time Jonathan, CEO of Breathe HR walked into Eagle Radio, he noticed something that inspired him to interview Paul Marcus, Managing Director of Eagle Radio.

Let's Talk Business: What Is The Temperature Cut Off For Working In This Heat?

TUC Policy Officer Hugh Robertson speaks to Biz on what the working conditions are in this heat, did you know there's only a legal cut off for the minimum temperature but not for the maximum?

Breathe HR- Episode 2- Healthy Company Culture

Jonathan from Breathe HR stopped by to discuss company culture and why it's vital to implement it early on in a new business and what to do if you need to revise your culture.

Let's Talk Business: Richard Woods 'Make People Aware Of Your Business'

Biz caught up with The Apprentice finalist and Surrey based Richard Woods after our Biz Breakfast events where he spoke about "Making People Aware Of Your Business"

Let's Talk Business: Jamie Laing and Ed Williams speak to Biz on their business, Candy Kittens!

Biz caught up with Jamie Laing and Ed Williams in Village Hotel Farnborough before they tell their story on their joint business venture.

Project Five- Episode 2- Don't Just Sign Up To Social Media, Use It.

Suzanne from Project Five spoke to Biz on the importance of not only having social media, but engaging, and not just engaging about your business.

Real Learning- Episode 3- The Fear Of Learning

Dave Nyss from Real Learning spoke to Biz on overcoming the fear of learning, how to think less and be more spontaneous with our businesses and customers. To find out more information, head over to www.reallearning.co.uk or email davenyss@reallearning.co.uk

Let's Talk Business: Sol Campbell and Joe Cooksey on Cybercrime.

Sol Campbell and Joe Cooksey talk to Biz on cybercrime and what small businesses need to look out for.

Let's Talk Business: Sol Campbell and Joe Cooksey on cybercrime.

Sol Campbell and Joe Cooksey talk to Biz on cybercrime and what small businesses need to look out for.

Let's Talk Business: Gender Pay Gap Follows Women Into Retirement.

The gender pay gap has been a hot topic in 2018 and it seems women can’t escape it… Even when they retire. Kirsty Anderson, Retirement Income Expert spoke to Biz.

Let's Talk Business: Are you actually getting enough sleep? Advice from Dr. Anna Persaud

Parent's want children to take naps and get enough sleep so they're healthier (And you can take a break) and less cranky, but what about adults?

Speakers Corner: Simon Cornwell, Celebration Cakes, Passionate About Protecting Local Business

Biz spoke to Simon Cornwell from Celebration Cakes in Cranleigh about why he is so passionate about people supporting local businesses and what it means for the younger generation.

Let's Talk Business: Charities Facing Scrutiny

Modern-day charities are now focusing on the need to explain exactly how donations will make a difference, and one approach that is intriguing new donors is the concept of encouraging sustainable self-improvement by encouraging the use of simple tools rather than the traditional gifting of aid

Phyllis Tuckwell- Episode 2- It's not just about raising 20,000 a day, businesses and charities can work in partnership.

Phyllis Tuckwell spoke to Biz on "How To Work In Partnership And What The Local Community Can Do For You."

Branston Adams- Episode 3- To be a part of the community, you have to be there, live in Farnham!

Paul Adams from Branston Adams LIVE at the Eagle Radio Love Tour in Farnham, Paul Adams takes pride in being a part of his community and actively takes part, even if it means wearing costumes!

Guildford College- Episode 2- Have You Considered Doing An Apprenticeship?

Louise from Guildford College spoke to Biz on apprenticeships, what are apprenticeships can you support your staff in doing them? Do you want to be supported?

Ecopare - Episode 2- Lighting, some bright ideas!

Ecopare spoke to Biz on lighting, is your business using the correct lighting, and are you aware of how much you can really save by switching over?

Automated Gate Solutions- Episode 2- The Variety Of Gates.

Ruth from Automated Gate Solutions spoke to Biz on the variety of gates they offer and each of their purposes.

Gareth Davies Prepares Us For What We'll Expect At The Biz Breakfast On Tuesday 10th July

Gareth Davies is Co-Founder of The Bravest Path, a coaching and development consultancy on a mission to re-humanise the workplace. Gareth will be speaking about Perfectionism, and how overcoming it can unlock and accelerate your career. The workshop will be interesting to anyone who may be affected by what he calls ‘Life Paralysis’

Let's Talk Business: Guildford Holiday Inn Work Experience Programme.

Holiday Inn speak on the benefits of working with Kings College Guildford as part of a Work Experience Programme. Biz speaks to Sophie, a student of Kings College Guildford, Ben Bridgeman from Holiday Inn Guildford and Alistair McKenzie Principal of Kings College Guildford on how the program is going and the effects it's had on students and local businesses adopting this concept for students.

Biz Award Winner: Challengers

Listen to what Challengers had to say since an eventful night at the Biz Awards where they won Charity/Social Enterprise Of The Year!

Let's Talk Business: PS Hairdressing first business to be awarded by Kevin Cantlon Fund.

Surrey Heath Borough Council awarded the first grant from the Kevin Cantlon Shop Front Improvement Scheme to PS Hairdressing in Frimley. Listen to what Philippa Sumner owner of PS Hairdressing had to say:

Ramsac- Episode 3- Cybersecurity

Rob May from Ramsac spoke to Biz on Cybersecurity and his new book "We're All Pornstars" that gives an insight into the Cybersecurity world.

Clive Stone - Chief Executive of Oakleaf Mental Health Charity

Clive Stone spoke to Biz on Oakleaf, the only mental health charity in Surrey working as a social enterprise to provide vocational training for those suffering from mental health issues.

HG Wells - 3rd Podcast- Preparing For Your Christmas Party!

Michelle From HG wells give us the top tips in preparation for your Christmas party, it's definitely never too early!

Ward Williams HR- Episode 2- World Cup At Work

Ward Williams HR spoke to Biz about the importance of businesses getting their staff to engage during the World Cup season, including how to get people who aren't interested in the sport involved.

Ward Williams- Episode 1- An Introduction to HR and Accounting.

Phill Granger from Ward Williams spoke to Biz on what services they offer with their HR and Accounting.

HR Department- Episode 3- Mental Health At Work

Brian Wilson from the HR Dept spoke to Biz about what employers need to do with addressing Mental Health in the workplace and why productivity and Mental Health awareness go hand in hand.

My Property Claim- Episode 2- Benefits Of Business To Business Relationships

Alan Howell from My Property Claim and Jeremy Perrin from Bespoke Insurance spoke to Biz on their business to business relationship and the benefits it comes with.

Basepoint - The Introduction- Episode 1.

Biz spoke to Lucy Middleton, The Centre Manager of the Basepoint Business Centre In Andover.

Let's Talk Business: Meet Richard Maybury- The New Chairman Of The Institute Of Directors, Surrey

Let's Talk Business: Meet Richard Maybury- The New Chairman Of The Institute Of Directors, Surrey

Service Master Clean- Episode 3

Biz spoke to Guy Strang who is the brand manager of Service Master Clean, Guy spoke on his roles, and the success Service Master Clean has had as a new franchise owner.

Real Learning- Episode 2 -Learning To Unlearn And Sell.

Dave Nyss from Real Learning spoke to Biz on the importance of being open to learning, unlearning and selling the human way.

Let's Talk Business: Derek McQueen from Charters Citroen.

Managing Director of Eagle Radio spoke to Derek McQueen, Managing Director of the Charters Group on his community engagement initiatives.

Let's Talk Business: British Institute Of Innkeeping On Plastics.

Molly Davis from The British Institute Of Innkeeping speaks to Biz about their war on plastics and how they've managed to get other businesses behind them.

Service Master Clean- Episode 2

Siva a franchise owner of Service Master Clean spoke to Biz on appreciating your staff, Siva tell's us what he recently did to show appreciation to his staff and why he does it.

Speakers Corner: Mark Sullivan from Egham on double yellow lines

Speakers Corner- Mark Sullivan speaks to Biz on his frustration at his business in Egham on double yellow lines and taxi ranks outside his business.

Let's Talk Business: Folly Lodge Studio and Theo Paphitis

Sara Prebble, owner of Folly Lodge Studio tweeted Theo Paphitis about her business got a retweet and the rest was history.

Guildford College- Episode 1

Biz spoke to Guildford College on what services they have to offer other businesses.

Phyllis Tuckwell- Episode 1

An Introduction to Phyllis Tuckwell on Biz.

Let's Talk Business: Rob May on World Cup Cyber Security

Biz catches up with Rob May the day the world cup begins to talk about cybersecurity with the world cup, cybercriminals are working overtime, so Rob gives us the information we need so we don't get caught out.

Let's Talk Business: Brian Wilson from the HR Dept on World Cup in the workplace.

Brian Wilson from the HR Dept spoke to Biz on the importance of Businesses engaging with the world cup at work.

GDPR Training- Episode 2

Keith Budden from GDPR Training spoke to Biz on care home/medical facility compliance.

Taking Cover- Episode 1

Roy Allaway from Taking Cover spoke to Biz on what services they offer and how they got started.

Let's Talk Business: Surrey Expo- Stephen Carson

Biz spoke to Stephen Carson live at the Surrey Business Expo.

Let's Talk Business: Surrey Expo- Sally Raith- Riches

Biz spoke to Sally Raith- Riches live at the Surrey Business Expo.

Let's Talk Business: Surrey Business Expo- Richard Maybury

Biz spoke to Richard Maybury live at the Surrey Business Expo.

Let's Talk Business: Surrey Business Expo- Redber Coffee Roasters

Biz spoke to Redber Coffee Roasters live at the Surrey Business Expo.

Let's Talk Business: Surrey Business Expo RDTM Trade Marks

RDTM Trade Marks spoke to Biz live at the Surrey Business Expo.

Let's Talk Business: Surrey Expo- Paul Bridgland

Paul Bridgland spoke to Biz live from the Surrey Business Expo.

Let's Talk Business: Surrey Business Expo- Louise Punter

Louise Punter speaks to Biz live from the Surrey Business Expo.

Let's Talk Business: Erin Baker and Rachel Hogg on the macho auto industry

Erin Baker- Editorial Director of AutoTrader and Rachel Hogg- Automotive Journalist spoke to Biz on the auto industry image.

Let's Talk Business: Paul Turner On Supporting Local Business

Paul Turner from Turners Butchers in Aldershot spoke to Biz on why local businesses need to be supported.

Let's Talk Business: What to expect from the Gaming Conference

Do you have an interest in gaming? Guildford Borough Council invites you to a FREE breakfast event, 7.30am on Wednesday 13th June. Cllr David Bilbe, Lead Councillor for Economic Development and Tourism explains what you can expect from the event …

HR department- Episode 2

Brian Wilson from the HR Department spoke to Biz on WHY you should bother with HR for your small business.

Breathe HR- Episode 1

An Introduction to what services Breathe HR offer.

Taking Cover- Episode 1

Roy from Taking Cover spoke to Biz on what services they offer

Real Learning- Episode 1

Dave Nyss from Real Learning spoke to Biz on what services they offer.

Branston Adams- Episode 2

Biz caught up with Branston Adams after a networking event; Paul Adams and Jane Hardy discuss the importance of networking.

HG Wells Conference Centre - Episode 2

Michelle from HG Wells spoke to Biz on how to plan and deliver a successful meeting.

Let's Talk Business: Adrian Barry on Social Media Importance

Adrien Barry from Web Results Direct spoke to Biz on the importance of the correct social media platform for your business.

Satelliet UK- Episode 2

Harvey Ockrim from Satelliet UK interviewed Jonathan Lewis who is the Sales Director of Sunbury Design on fabric in the hospitality market.

Ramsac- Episode 2

Rob May from Ramsac spoke to Biz about GDPR, even if the deadline has passed, Rob May has some advice for businesses.

Automated Gate Solutions- Episode 1

Ruth from Automated Gate Solutions spoke to Biz Surrey and Hampshire on the services they offer.

Let's Talk Business: Surrey Business Expo, why you should attend.

Surrey Business Expo spoke to Biz Surrey and Hampshire on the importance of Businesses taking part in the Surrey Expo.

GDPR Training- Episode 1

Keith from GDPR Training speaks to Biz Surrey and Hampshire on the way forward after the GDPR deadline.

Let's Talk Business: Chris O'sullivan on Mental Health

Chris O'sullivan head of Business Development and Engagement speaks to Biz Surrey and Hampshire on Mental Health in the workplace.

Let's Talk Business: Richard Woods on Business Awareness.

Biz Surrey and Hampshire speak to Richard Woods on 'Making people aware of your business'

Speakers Corner: Bens Records in Guildford

Ben from Ben’s Records in Guildford is highly frustrated by the crippling business rates in Guildford.

Service Master Clean- Episode 1

An introduction to Service Master Clean; franchise owner Siva Kugathas spoke to Biz Surrey and Hampshire on what services they offer locally.

Satelliet UK- Episode 1

An introduction to Satelliet UK on what they offer in their business and what it means to be part of the local community as a business.

Ramsac- Episode 1

Biz Surrey and Hampshire introduce Rob May- Managing Director of Ramsac to Biz Surrey and Hampshire and he tells us what Ramsac offers; their intention is to make IT simple.

Project Five- Episode 1

Project Five speaks to Biz Surrey and Hampshire about their business and the IT services they offer.

Classic Race Simulators- Episode 1

Jim Hill from Classic Race Simulators spoke to Biz on simulation bringing road safety awareness.

Katz Auto Services- Episode 1

Debbie from Katz Auto Services joined Biz Surrey and Hampshire at our Eagle Radio studios! Katz Auto Services are a local business who offer MOT, Mechanical Services, Body Repair, Tyres, Exhausts, and Batteries. They take pride in their customer service and being local. They’re also in the process of revamping their business which will offer new services.

HR Department- Episode 1

HR professional Brian Wilson from the HR Department joined Biz Surrey and Hampshire at our Eagle Radio studios. The HR Dept supports small to medium-sized businesses providing a full range of outsourced HR services tailored to meet the exact business needs on the day. They can become your virtual HR department by providing bespoke, practical and professional HR services as and when you need them, at a fraction of the cost of an in-house HR Manager.

My Property Claim- Episode 1

Alan Howell from My Property Claim joined Biz Surrey and Hampshire at our Eagle Radio studios. My Property Claim Limited trading as Concept Building Solutions (Basingstoke), which is part the Concept Building Solutions (UK) network delivering buildings insurance claims management, restoration & repair services nationally through an extensive network of local offices. They are involved in both commercial and domestic buildings insurance claims handling and have managed thousands of buildings insurance claims and building repairs over the many years that they have been operational.

Ecopare- Episode 1

Craig Astfalck from Ecopare joins Biz Surrey and Hampshire at our Eagle Radio studios! Ecopare provides practical solutions for energy management that make a difference. They maximize energy savings by offering consulting, installation and implementation services that are tailored to your requirements.

HG Wells Conference Centre - Episode 1

Michelle from HG Wells joined Biz Surrey and Hampshire at our Eagle Radio studios! HG Wells offers a comprehensive events services, they offer Award Ceremonies, Boxing and MMA, Christmas Parties, Concerts, Conferences, Dinner Dances, Exhibitions, Fashion Shows, Festivals, Meetings, Product Launches, Training and Webcasting services.

Branston Adams Tax Accountancy - Episode 1

Paul Adams senior partner of Branston Adams joins Biz Surrey and Hampshire at our Eagle Radio studios! Branston Adams Chartered Certified Accountants are based in Farnham, Surrey, provide tax, accountancy and business development advice and services to individuals, start-up companies, small businesses and companies and organizations of all sizes.

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