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PMQT2: Mind the generation gap! (ft Alice Sunday, Matthew Funnel, Ben Lyon & Alex Glover)

(Mind) the generation gap - a conversation looking at the expectations, hopes & aspirations of rising talent in the workplace. We hear personal insights around personal motivation and purpose; flexible working and work/life balance.

PMQT2: How does a leader create their workplace identity? (ft Gareth Davies)

Paul Marcus in conversation with Gareth Davies, a former firearms police officer and now business coach and co-partner of The Bravest Path. Paul Marcus in conversation with Surrey and Hampshire-based, business leaders. What can we learn from our past? How does it shape our careers? How do leaders create their workplace identity and how do their personal values influence their work?


PMQT2: The Kindness Economy Pt.1 (ft Tracy Jarvis & Mike Thomason)

As customers challenge the behaviour of national brands and make purchasing decisions based on company`s values and authenticity around CSR -will 2020 see the rise of #TheKindnessEconomy and does this mean local companies in Surrey and Hampshire could see their business thrive and prosper through strong, local community engagement?

PMQT2: Flexible working, here to stay or a passing fad? (Ft Tracey Shrimpton & Claire Cable)

Welcome to the first episode of PMQT2 (Paul Marcus Question Time 2) which is a brand new podcast from the Managing Director of Eagle Radio, Paul Marcus. On this episode, we discuss Flexible Working, here to stay, or a passing fad, and we also talk about the 4-day working week. We're joined by Tracy Shrimpton, owner of Sixth Sense Marketing and Claire Cable, who is on the management team at Eagle Radio.