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World Cup At Work

'The Importance Of Embracing The World Cup At Work' - Brian Wilson from the HR DEPT

Let's Talk Business: Brian Wilson from the HR Dept on World Cup in the workplace.

Brian Wilson from the HR Dept spoke to Biz on the importance of Businesses engaging with the world cup at work.

Whether you are a football fan or not, it is highly likely there will be plenty football chat in your workplace over the next month as the 2018 FIFA World Cup gets underway in Russia.

There are ten group games that are scheduled to take place during ‘usual’ working hours (none of which involve England), and with that in mind, it is estimated that UK businesses could lose £13bn during this World Cup due to unauthorized staff absences.

Business owners could well be nervous over the ‘World Cup Fever’ that sweeps the country every four years, with concerns over employees being distracted and a lack of productivity.

So how will your business embrace the 2018 FIFA World Cup? Will you set up a TV in the office? Will you encourage daily football conversations and debates over a foul or dive? Will you allow a wall chart in your (paperless) office? Could you even use the World Cup, (instead of the weather) to open a conversation and build relations with a new lead?

The 2018 FIFA World Cup should be used as an opportunity. An opportunity to engage with your staff, maybe support a local charity through the office sweepstake or even plan as a social evening to watch a game!


Come on England!