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Tips And Tricks On Public Speaking With Ges Ray! 

Ges Ray

“I faked a car crash on the M25 to avoid having to speak in public”

What’s the most innovative excuse you have heard to avoid public speaking? How do you feel about having to stand up at speak in public? At a meeting, a presentation, an event?

Ges builds your confidence in public speaking, making the workshop fun, memorable, and with instant takeaways that you can use immediately.

Built on four decades of commercial roles (including Bank Manager!) and four decades of Public Speaking, delivering workshops, Keynotes, MC and even radio broadcasting, Ges delivers an effective mix of business & presenting experience to equip you and your team with the skills to speak in public.

Biz spoke to Ges Ray and got a taster on what we can expect at the next Biz Breakfast, Ges is a confident and a pleasure to listen to so it's no wonder he is public speaking success, Ges doesn't keep his knowledge to himself he's eager to share it and it comes across like a personal responsibility to make us all better public speakers, we look forward to him being a guest speaker at our Biz Breakfast on the 2nd October, join us, sign up here.


Enjoy this podcast:

Let's Talk: Tips and tricks for public speaking with Ges Ray!

Biz spoke to public speaking guru Ges Ray and he gives some tips and tricks in improving your public speaking technique that will also help you in your day to day life.