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The focus on video

With Facebook favouring video content and Google’s ownership of YouTube, video is now the cornerstone of digital marketing and an essential part of any marketing strategy.


Almost everybody consumes and engages with video content above anything else and, without it, you’re not getting the most out of your Search Engine Optimisation. 


So, the big question is, why should you make a video a priority for your business? Is it really necessary for a small or medium business? Are those views a currency you should take seriously? What video do YOU need for the type of business you are?


We felt there's no one better than the head of Eagle Radio's commercial video department, Andy Plom, to answer these burning questions! 


Want to know more about how to get a commercial video for your business? More here.


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Let's Talk: What you need to know about commercial video for your business!

We caught up with Andy Plom, head of commercial video at Eagle Radio and he spoke about what all the commercial video hype is and what you need to know before you roll out the cameras!

the focus on video

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