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Banging the drum for a united workforce!

Rhythm works

One of UK's best known Taiko drummers, Mark Alcock of Farnham has his team-building innovation: Rhythmworks

With powerful Japanese Taiko drums, Mark will work with a team of local entrepreneurs and business owners from the Farnham Hub to demonstrate a new kind of team-building.

'Taiko' are traditional Japanese drums - much heavier and tougher than western kit-drums. Used for thousands of years in temples and shrines and to accompany Japanese folk music and theatre, these drums have recently given rise to a performance art which is part musical, part martial art. It's a very visual and sonic experience for the players and audience.

Mark has taken the essence of Taiko and brought it to the business world where he uses it to unite teams in a way that is effective, inclusive, and great fun!

The team-building experience will highlight the importance of individual commitment, mutual awareness, support and trust in achieving a shared goal in business. Through team exercises, the group work toward performing a dynamic finale, in just a few hours.

"The way we use Taiko drumming at Rhythmworks is so dependant upon teamwork, that all of the participants, even those with no prior musical knowledge, can produce a great performance by the end of the session - IF they relay on one-another to succeed. And the lessons learnt can be brought straight back to work", enthuses Mark.

We spoke to Mark Alcock in our studio's on how he got into this business and the benefits of businesses using Taiko drumming as a new approach to team building.

Enjoy this podcast:

Let's Talk: Taiko drumming for team building!

Biz caught up with Farnham based Mark Alcock from rhythm works and we spoke about the benefits of Taiko drumming for team building.