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Dear Employer, there are practical steps to recruit and retain people with mental health challenges at work, here's how!


Clive Stone



"Oakleaf Enterprise has provided vocational training for people with mental health needs since 1995. In that year and following the Care in the Community Act 1990, an occupational therapy unit at the old local Victorian asylum, Brookwood Hospital, closed and relocated to Guildford. The charity was registered in 1997 and has been led by the same Chief Executive every since.

Since then we have worked hard to benefit people in south west Surrey suffering mental ill-health. Our main focus is vocational training – we deliver training and work experience in upholstery, horticulture and IT, enabling clients to gain new skills, as a first step on their return to the workplace. Over the last three years, in response to client feedback, we have also delivered a programme of social inclusion activities (ranging from literacy and numeracy sessions, to guitar lessons, meal nights and a Greenhouse Growing Group). Alongside our counselling services and job seeking support, these activities have all benefited hundreds of local people."


Oakleaf work with businesses to retain and recruit people with mental health challenges, they are here to support YOU as a business, to help you understand how to go about it, Oakleaf also provide mental health first aid training, enjoy this podcast with Clive Stone where we dig in and find practical solutions, so this conversation continues daily, not just on 'world mental health day' but since it is World Mental Health Day' 2018, let's talk about it!

Let's Talk: Dear employers, here are practical steps for you to retain and recruit people with mental health challenges: Oakleaf

Biz caught up with Clive Stone from Oakleaf, we spoke on mental health taboo in the workplace, how to recruit and retain people with mental health challenges at work and embracing therapy, even when you don't suffer with mental health challenges.