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The office workplace of today and tomorrow!


Satelliet UK


The office workplace of today and tomorrow, we all appreciate the aesthetics anywhere we spend a considerable amount of time, when it comes to the workplace, how we feel through our day is important and our environment plays a major role, if you've worked in a poor working environment, it's no doubt you've noticed a shift in your mood, attitude and overall work ethic.

The key area to consider is how to boost staff productivity, of course, the aesthetics of workplaces and its impact on employee well-being are nothing new. A slew of research reveals how everything from the artwork on the walls to workstations with natural light boosts productivity.

“Longer distance views, away from computer screens or written documents, allow the eyes to adjust and re-focus, which reduces fatigue, headaches and the effects of eye strain in the long term. Views also have a positive impact on wellbeing, in part by providing a psychological connection with other groups of people while in a safe space,” states a report from the World Green Building Council.

In recent years, considerable energy has gone into showing how plants and flowers brighten the work experience. “Biophilia” (the research strand, not the Björk album) demonstrates how green office spaces generate physiological responses such as increased brain activity and lower stress hormones. A Harvard University paper last year found that the cognitive performance of “green” office workers was double that of those working in conventional environments.

But “green” isn’t necessarily scenic. When it comes to green space, the issue is quality, not quantity, says Seresinhe. “Just because an area is green doesn’t mean it’s a beautiful area of green,” she says, citing the examples of a derelict recreational park or a field with an industrial park in the middle. - The Guardian


About Satelliet UK:

Satelliet UK have over 60 years experience within the contract furniture industry, working with designers and end users. Renowned in the industry for innovative, affordable furniture and inspirational design ideas, the UK leg of the Satelliet group bases itself from two purpose-built showrooms in Surrey and Glasgow. It is then supported by a knowledgeable and friendly mobile staff that cover the whole of the UK. The Satelliet-UK team work with both designers and end users to offer their expertise and advice. Customers are welcome to visit either of the UK showrooms, or for larger projects, we also recommend a trip to the Inspirium showroom at our headquarters in Breda, Holland.

Satelliet Holland are one of the market-leading suppliers of contract furniture to the European hospitality industry, with agents and retailers across Europe. Alongside Satelliet Holland, and the other European partners, we have developed a strong network which allows us the capacity, reliability and flair to meet the needs of national and international markets. If you have any questions about Satelliet-UK, or any requirements for contract furniture, please call us on 0800 977 5722.

Harvey Ockrim, managing director of Satelliet UK and Stephen McCue from Nowy Styl spoke to Biz on the office workplace of today and tomorrow, where does your business fit into the future of the office workplace?



Satelliet UK- Episode 8: The office work place of today and tomorrow!

Harvey Ockrim, Managing Director of Satelliet UK and Stephen McCue from Nowy Styl speak on the office space of today, and tomorrow and how things are changing!