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Marriages For Mortgages?

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Bricks and mortar and diamond rings are a few of our favourite things… And now it seems they come as a package, with the dream of getting on the property ladder alone becoming harder than ever.

Jade Vanriel is a 25 years old vlogger from Essex who has achieved something many people her age are unable to do – buy her own property. Aged just 23 Jade was always a prudent saver, working since she was sixteen and actively starting to save for a house during university. Whether it was putting little and often away or sacrificing on things like going out for dinner or shopping for clothes, Jade pulled out all the stops to make sure she hit that goal of owning her own place. She met with a mortgage broker straight after university and two years after graduating and saving intensely she bought her home in Essex. She now runs her own Youtube channel looking at everything from interiors to top tips on how you can save for a property to really show young people that it is possible.


What if you don't have the income or the savings needed to purchase your property solo? What if you plan to remain single by choice? Where does that leave you? There's certainly an answer.

In the studio, we're joined by Kris Brewster from Skipton Building Society he spoke to Biz on how to go about purchasing a property, solo, and Jade Vanriel on how she did it at 23, and how she's encouraging people to JUST DO IT, alone!

Let's Talk Business: Marriages For Mortgages?

Biz spoke to YouTuber Jade Vanriel who bought her first home at 23 years old with her own savings and is encouraging people to not rely on a partner to get on the property ladder, we're also joined in the studio by Kris Brewster from Skipton Building Society, he gives as valuable and practical advice on how to get on the property ladder on your own.