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5 Tips for managing energy use in your business!

Energy monitoring

Tip 1

Get top-level visibility of your energy use:

If you don’t have any way of seeing your energy use broken down in half-hourly or hourly parts and conveniently, get a smart meter or a data feed from your supplier. It is important to be able to see what you are using and when you are using it.

You must know where you are before you set yourself off on the journey of using energy smarter.

Don’t forget your gas and water.

Tip 2

Get management buy-in:

Not all organisations have energy use as a priority. It is an easy win to make a positive effect on to the bottom line. Senior management should put out an Energy Policy. A statement of intent that shows the commitment of the business to the continuous reduction of their environmental impact.

An improved energy performance is critical to its long term business and the top management ensures its importance is communicated at all levels.

Tip 3

Engage colleagues:

With the senior management displaying its intent, it requires all staff to be mindful of their impact. The practices of the organisation need to be considered. Involve people from all areas of the business who understand how things work.

Think of what needs further investigation or thought. The more people the more ideas. Don’t be dismissive but be prepared to fail with some of the ideas.

Tip 4

Expand your metering in stages:

Often just one metering point is not enough to show where you are using the energy and where the impact points are in the overall amount. Granularity of data maybe needed. More detail of what, where and when the energy is actually being used will give visibility to the changes you may make, be it practices/procedures or capital intervention.

Too much data will be overpowering. Bite-size chunks 


Tip 5

Show off what you are doing to staff and visitors:

Use the screens in the reception, offices, local pcs, etc anything that shows where you are using, where you were and where you are trying to get to.

Visibility shows to everyone how important it is and how serious you are taking it.

People will engage more when they can see the impact they are making.


These top tips were brought to you by Ecopare.


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