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English Wine Week! Why not try out these local Vineyards....


English Wine Week is a national campaign, designed to raise awareness of English wine across the country. 

We caught up with some local Vineyards in Surrey/Hampshire that you could try, and we asked them which one wine they would HIGHLY recommend, and which wine they would consider the most underrated. 

Here is what they suggested:

Albury Vineyard:


Albury Vineyard is the result of Nick Wenman's passion for quality wine. Nick planted the vineyard in 2009 having retired from the IT industry to fulfil his dream of owning a vineyard. Nick believes that key to the sucess of the wines is the vineyard's committment to organic and biodynamic principles, together with excellent winemakers and his talented vineyard manager Alex, one of the few female vineyard managers in England. Her expertise is vital to the running of the vineyard, and her dog Attila is well loved by visitors. Albury is a family-run vineyard, with Nick's daughter Lucy now part of the team and granddaughter Poppy a regular visitor (if only to visit the bee-hives and sneak a taste of the honey!)

Albury Vineyard is situated on the southern slopes of the North Downs in the beautiful Surrey Hills, just outside Guildford on the A25 towards Dorking. The vines are the traditional Champagne varietals of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, as well as some Seyval and Pinot Gris. We are committed to producing organic fruit without the use of chemicals such as herbicides and fungicides, and produce English wine of the highest quality; a still rosé and quality sparkling wines.

Albury Vineyard recommended wine: 


Silent Pool Rosé is one of Albury Vineyard's flagship wine and, having been served on the Royal Barge to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012 it's now in high demand! Elegant and crisp with fresh summer flavours of strawberries and cream, peach and pink grapefruit, an ideal aperitif and perfect for al fresco dining.


Albury Vineyard underrated wine:


Longwells Seyval Blanc is a new, limited release from Albury named after their recently acquired second vineyard. A sparkling wine made not from the traditional Champagne grape varieties, rather the much lesser known Seyval Blanc makes this bubbly quintessentially English. Light, dry and extremely easy to drink with aromas of gooseberry, citrus and crisp green apple - an English garden in a glass!



Albury Vineyard

High Clandon Estate Vineyard:


High Clandon Estate Vineyard was founded in 2004 by Sibylla and Bruce Tindale.

Both have a passion to create the quintessential English Quality Sparkling Wine and the belief that a small hand-manicured vineyard can produce an exquisite English cuvée. The terroir – that mystical marriage of soil, of locale, of climate and cultivation – producing the best grapes, ripened to perfection, combined with the best wine-making results in 'the expression of perfection' in their Cuvée.


Sibylla is a lover of champagne and believes entirely that the best of English sparkling wines can surpass those of France. Bruce is the vineyard and wine expert having obtained a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Viticulture & Oenology from Plumpton College.


The High Clandon Estate Vineyard encompasses two other ventures – its own honey from bees thriving on the English wild-flower meadow abutting the vineyard; and hoping shortly to harvest Burgundian Truffles from its own truffiere – a truffle orchard planted with oaks and hazels in 2004.


Emma Rice now crafts our Quintessence. She is an award winning winemaker, awarded Winemaker of the Year in both 2014 & 2016, and director of the Hattingley Valley Wine Estate.


High Clandon Estate Vineyard is a member of the quintet of Vineyards of the Surrey Hills and has been awarded the Trademark of Excellence by Surrey Hills Enterprises.

High Clandon recommended wine:

Our latest release is seductive, gorgeous 2014 vintage, the High Clandon Halcyon Cuvée – our elegant English sparkling wine. This is crisp and citrusy with biscuit on the nose and then on tasting becomes full flavoured peachy or confit peaches. Yum. Yum.


High Clandon Eastate Vineyard

Chilworth Manor Vineyard:


Chilworth Manor‘s history:


Once a Saxon manor, as recorded in the Domesday Book, it was given by William the Conqueror to his half-brother Odo, Bishop of Bayeux under whose support it evolved into a monastic site. Augustinian monks ministered to the pilgrims en route to Canterbury or the Holy Land at the ancient church of St Martha’s-on-the-Hill, above the house.


Any trace of the monastery itself was lost in the reign of Henry VIII, but within the gardens of Chilworth Manor the old Stew Ponds, which supplied the monks with fish, can still be seen. To this date, the ponds are fed by the same spring waters and underground streams. Stories abound too of secret tunnels linking the site to St Martha’s, but these are yet to be discovered!


The Manor, as it exists today however, owes more to the fortunes of the Randyll family during the 17th and early 18th Century, with business interests in the Gunpowder Mills and the pull of political ambition. 


The success of the Gunpowder Mills enabled the building of the south front in the mid-1600s, but after frequent and expensive elections to Parliament as an MP, Morgan Randyll was forced to give up the property in the early 18th Century.


Subsequently, Chilworth Manor passed through the hands of Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough. Her legacy is seen in the classic early 18th Century north wing overlooking the extraordinary tiered Walled Garden that she developed during her tenure.


The modern identity of Chilworth Manor owes much to its post-war owners, Sir Lionel and especially Lady Heald, who took over the house in 1946 – the property having been the headquarters of the Canadian Army during the war. A spinney of trees planted by the soldiers stands to this day.


Tireless in her commitment to charity, Lady Heald was an energetic and ingenious fundraiser to the very end of her remarkable life at the grand age of 99. As Chairwoman of the National Garden Scheme for 30 years, the gardens were frequently opened to raise money and the estate became a focal point for the community.


Duchess of Marlborough

 The Duchess of Marlborough featured in the Oscar nominated film” The Favourite”. She bought the estate at Chilworth in  1720 and built the North wing of the property adjacent to the Walled Garden.


Chilworth Manor Vineyard Recommended Wine:

Chilworth Manor Rose 2018- As they're newly established it is their only wine at the moment but in a couple of years they hope to also have sparkling wine! 


CMV team