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Biz Award Winner KRR Prostream

Meet Biz Award Winner: KRR ProSteam

Biz Awards

Meet Biz Award Winners KRR ProStream who won a GREEN AWARD at the 2018 Biz Awards, get to know the Guildford based business: 

ABOUT KRR ProStream: 

" At KRR ProStream our approach to your operation is driven by our technical prowess and engineering know-how.  We have many years of experience in the design, commissioning and operation of power generation facilities and industrial boiler systems, giving us an in depth understanding of the issues faced by plant engineers and the steps that can be taken to resolve them.

Many processes are complex.  Defining cause and effect or quantifying the extent of problems is not always straightforward, but we have developed the tools to investigate and analyse all the key operating parameters for your facility.  Using our expertise, we work with you to acquire a detailed understanding of your process and develop solutions to the problems that are having a negative impact on your efficiency and overheads.  These solutions are delivered by our experienced and highly-trained operatives using advanced online cleaning technologies and monitoring services. 

Work is conducted according to a customised timetable of activity that we develop to ensure that you are always operating at peak efficiency.  However, if you should have an unexpected requirement then KRR ProStream is one of the few providers to offer a genuine rapid response service, allowing you to get back online as soon as possible and with minimum disruption.

KRR ProStream can help you:

  • Increase plant availability

  • Avoid unplanned shut downs

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Improve overall site efficiency

  • Enhance production capacity

  • Prolong component life

  • Reduce CO2 emissions

Importantly, our monitoring and reporting service (KRR Performance Tracker) can demonstrate how you are saving money and reducing your carbon footprint, providing the evidence and accountability you need.  Tax incentives, raw material costs and energy prices all favour streamlined, efficient processes with a low environmental impact.  Our clients are able to derive maximum advantage in all of these areas. "

Biz Award Winner: KRR ProStream

Meet Biz Award Winner KRR ProStream, they speak about their journey, their business and their 2018 Biz Award where they won the "Green Award" Of The Year!