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Avoid getting to work 'Hangry'

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New research reveals British working parents’ hectic morning routines are adding hours of work on top of their nine to five jobs


  • A new study reveals the number of hours parents rack up in the mad morning dash – and how many extra working days this is equivalent to a week.

  • Tasks such as preparing kids for after-school clubs, tidying, finding that misplaced schoolbag, filling out permission slips and checking emails all before reaching the office leave working parents feeling like they are doing a day’s work by 11am

  • Nutritionist, blogger, and parent Laura Clark reveals the mountainous checklist of morning tasks the average working parent ticks off every day and the effect this has on our energy levels.

  • Laura discusses the effects of the getting HANGRY, how to avoid the mid-morning slump, and the importance of fueling our bodies correctly in the morning.

 Laura Clark who is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist. TV appearances include BBC Breakfast, ITV1’s “The Biggest Loser” and BBC2’s “Further Back in Time for Dinner”. Her project for BBC 1 entitled “Lose Weight for Love” featuring Professor Tanya Byron and Professor Paul Dolan considered the links between food choices, habits and our minds!


Let's Talk: How to avoid getting to work 'Hangry'

Biz spoke to Laura Clark who is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, TV personality and Vlogger on how to improve our daily grind!