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Meet Hampshire's 18yr Old Managing Director! 

George Robinson

The story of Bradbury Robinson is one unique to this business. At 13 years old, George would make websites for free for local businesses as a hobby in his bedroom. After two years he realised that he had a natural talent for what he was doing, his customers were giving excellent feedback and were asking to pay more money as they valued the services he was providing so much. At age 15, George gained the opportunity to create a website for a local hotel, this was his biggest customer yet. Due to the success of this, more new customers flocked to George because of his outstanding work. This is when he came to realise that his passion for making websites could lead onto greater opportunities. With a growing customer base, George decided to branch out into the world of Marketing and branding, both of which he still has a passion for today. This side of the business grew rapidly and just after his 18th Birthday and finishing full time education, he secured significant investment into launching his own company called Bradbury Robinson Limited and formed the company as you know it today. 


George continues to attend events and give public speaking to try and spread the message of Bradbury Robinson. He also enjoys helping young entrepreneurs by giving advice and trying to inspire them to keep working hard to achieve their dreams. Public speaking is not only an opportunity to get the word out about the innovative, modern marketing agency that George has created but also a medium for George to help people understand the story behind the business. Hard work and passion are required but it is possible, as George has proven. He continues to mentor young people to this day to help them grow and establish what their dreams are and how they are going to achieve them. 


George tells his story and what he has planned for his future, enjoy his podcast: 

Let's Talk: Meet Hampshire 18yr Old Managing Director!

Biz spoke to Fleet's George Bradbury who made websites for local businesses for free at 13 years old, today, he's the managing director of his own successful business.