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Brits putting extreme workloads above their own health - Hear from the TV Doctor himself!


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The old saying goes “Are you living to work, or working to live?”

But now it appears Brits are putting their work above more than just their social lives, with two thirds of the nation claiming their workload is having a detrimental effect on their health.


Office workers up and down the country find themselves staring at computer screens, too busy to take a break and are suffering as a result – from back aches to migraines, neck pain to eye strain.


In total, it’s claimed we spend a total of 11 hours a day staring into computers, mobile phones and TV screens.


Half of those surveyed said they don’t stand enough to stretch their legs and three in 10 said their worsening health is down to being too busy to eat well.


The study, which was commissioned by Philips LED lighting, discovered over a third are concerned about the long-term impact their job might be having on their health, which is no wonder when 87% suffer some form of ache or pain due to their job.


UK professionals typically spend an hour and 28 minutes staring at their screen before taking a break, with some desk workers going as long as two and a half hours before stepping away.


It comes as no surprise two-thirds feel better for taking regular breaks from their computer or laptop. Yet, just 1 in 5 (18%) have seen a doctor over health concerns stemming from working life.

Let's Talk: Brits putting EXTREME workloads above their own health!

Biz spoke to TV Doctor Hilary Jones on Brits putting extreme workloads above their own health!