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What to consider when choosing an Electric Vehicle for YOUR business!


Concept Vehicle Leasing

For many businesses, the idea of investing in an electric fleet just wasn't an option 4 to 5 years ago: range was an issue, charging was a concern and choice was almost non-existent. Despite government incentives, EV's of a particular make and model would still cost around a third more than their petrol counterparts and advancements in fuel and engine technology made the case for going electric even harder to justify.


But times have changed.

To help you make a more informed decision we've written down a few considerations for businesses looking to invest in EV's.



Business, for the vast majority of companies, is about money. It almost sounds silly to say it, but it makes sense to analyse how adding an EV to your feel affects your finances directly.

EV's are still in the vast minority and thus still command a premium price point over regular cars due to the higher design and manufacturing cost per vehicle.

In addition, the government grand contribution towards EV purchase was lowered at the end of 2018, from £4,500 to £3,500. Fuel cost savings are still incredibly high, however, especially when power is sourced from renewable energy generation on the company premises. The lack of ICE (engine) parts in an EV also reduce maintenance costs by a fair amount, and reliability overall is higher -there's just less to go wrong!



With climate change a major concern amongst many groups and demographics, having a clean and green image can be a huge benefit for businesses in 2019.


If your business has sustainability or carbon goals for the year, then investing in an electric fleet--or even just on EV-- can help to communicate your willingness and intention to do your part for the planet.


The installation of charge points in a company car park is a great incentive for employees to join your eco drive and comes across as forward thinking. 


Business Aesthetic:

We get it, a lot of early electric cars didn't exactly scream style and class. Many were small, oddly shaped, and made it very hard to convince doubters that they were The Future. But that was then.


Today's auto show booths are full of stylish EV's from top drawer automakers set on providing drivers with electric equivalents to some of the most popular cars around.


If you're concerned about not being able to preserve your style and identity -- don't be: BMW, Audi, and Mercedes all have electric cars being released this year. Mini, too, being part of BMW, also have an electric version of their popular Cooper S on the way! 



Most EV owners charge their cars overnight at home. Overnight charging is made even more rewarding through the availability of off-peak tariffs similar to those enjoyed by battery back-up users using products like a Tesla Powerwall. Some EV purchases even include a high capacity charging station within the price, but even if they don't, EV buyers can apply for a government grant to chop thousands of pounds off the price.


Company parking spaces devoted to electric vehicles are also increasing in number, giving staff a (usually free) way to combat range anxiety during the working week. The same also applies to many shopping centre and entertainment plaza car parks.


Massively increased KWH figures.


If you haven't entertained the idea if going electric for a few years, then you might still be of the thinking that charging a modern, higher-capacity EV take anywhere up to 12 hours.


But a new Fast Charge installations offer EV users charging rates of up to 22lWH in the home, capable of providing an electric sedan with 100% charge in just 3-4 hours.


EV charging might lack the on-journey convenience and install base of the petrol pump, but with the option to charge at home, and the growing number of charge points visible on apps like Zap-Map, it likely won't be too long before the scales start to even out.


Wireless Charging:

Eagle-eyed fans of Formula-e might have seen the Qualcomm 'Halo' wireless charging tech on the BMW i8 andi3 course cars. The car drives into place, the battery pad built into the garage floor rises to meet it and--whoosh!- the car begins recharging. 


Of course, the tech is new- but it's not hard to imagine systems like this installed in every car parking space of the future, is it?


With more money and an ever-greater amount of money being poured into the electrification of the automotive industry, we're confident that the stumbling blocks of the past will continue to be eroded until there's nothing but a smooth road ahead- one that charges your car while you're on it, we hope!


- Concept Vehicle Leasing Newsletter, February 2019


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