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Dan Adams, balancing his own business and Surrey Heath mayor duties!

Dan Adams

Dan Adams was chosen as the 46th Mayor of Surrey Heath at the Annual Meeting of Surrey Heath Borough Council and he is also the youngest mayor elected to date; not to mention, Dan is also a husband a dad. 

Dan Adams duties go further as he also has his own new business which is a digital marketing agency "Conquest Consultancy" who deal in social media management and digital marketing, based in Camberley, Surrey. 

Starting a new business is a challenge on its own, so how does he do it? Since May he's already attended 73 events and counting on behalf of Surrey Heath. He serves on weekends, evenings and weekdays, how does he allocate the time for his new business?

It's clear Dan enjoys what he does by how he speaks about his roles with a beaming smile on his face filled with possibility and optimism, if you think it's impossible to embrace other roles that need different skills or responsibilities from you, Dan has some advice for you:

Let's Talk: Dan Adams a new business start up and the youngest mayor of Surrey Heath!

Meet Dan Adams, a new business start-up and also the youngest Mayor of Surrey Heath, how does he balance a new business and mayor duties?