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Festive work parties & employment issues to consider

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It's the season! A season of celebration, fun, and festivities! It's a great time of the year for employers to treat their employees and a great opportunity to spend time colleagues we do and don't know very well.

While we all look forward to relaxing and socialising, we've all heard of a Christmas party through someone else or maybe our own experience that hasn't gone entirely well and often that experience can put people off attending work gatherings in the future or worse leave the business with a bad reputation; while it's supposed to be a fun and light evening, there are a few things to consider like how to deal with rowdy behavior or office flings from a HR viewpoint, Ward Williams HR stepped in to give us 6 employment issues to consider:

Ward Williams HR- Episode 6- Christmas parties & employment issues to consider.

Biz spoke to Kim Dalton from Ward Williams HR on employee office parties and employment issues to consider, especially during the festive season!